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Interview: Sweet Paul

Thursday, 16 June 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Who is the man behind this great online magazine... I was curious and asked him a couple of questions...

Dear Sweet Paul what was the main reason of starting an online magazine? 

I wanted to have an outlet for my creativity and where I could so whatever I want to do. No one but me decides what goes into the magazine. Its a really good feeling knowing that this is a product of me and what I'm all about. 

*What is your favorite part in this issue? 

I have many, the summer salads was really fun to shoot, on shot on a lightbox. And the soda Jerk story was fun as well. I like to challenge myself with ideas. Like working on the natural dye story, I had to teach myself how to actually do it. 


*Which stylist or photographer do you hope to work with in the near future? 

I would love to shoot a Sweet Paul story with Ditte Isager, but I'm to shy to call her! 

*What was the most difficult or should i say challenging part of creating an online magazine?

Editing, you have to do it with a very hard hand. You might step on some toes on the way, but it is really the most important and challenging part.

I hate online magazines that shows a home on 40 pages with the same lamp in 6 pictures.... hate it! 


*What wil the future bring for Sweet Paul.... 

Im in no rush, Im building my empire slowly but surly.........

But off course total world domination is the goal..... 

Thanks Paul and good luck ... one day you will dominate I'm sure :):)

..Sweet Paul Magazine
..Sweet Paul blog

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