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Art in the Home of Thereza Rowe...

Monday, 20 June 2011 by Irene Hoofs


 Art in the home of Thereza Rowe

A: Art means to me… Creating things I daydream of.  It makes me very happy both personally and professionally.

R: Reading books / blogs / magazines ... Such a relaxing activity… I’m reading Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro for the second time. It’s that good. Audiobooks have become a big thing for me as I get to ‘read / listen’ to ace books while I’m working.

Visiting my favorite blogs over a coffee break has got to be one of my favorite things to do. 


T: Trends I see in art or graphic design are… Just trends. Trends come and go… I think good work remains timeless. Personally, I tend to be inspired by the classic line, in whatever time or shape it may come.

A: Artists I admire are... Joan Miro, Alvin Lustig, Matisse and Frida Khalo to name a few.

TRowe_8 TRowe_5 TRowe_4a TRowe_4 TRowe_6


N: Never will I ... Say never.

D: Dreams for my own work are about...  Growth and happiness.


P: Projects I'm currently working on are... Album artwork for a Danish indie band amongst other things + obsessively playing with patterns and looking into possibilities and ways of application for those.


R: Relaxing I do at / when / if... A lot of lounging around on Sundays mostly at home and occasionally do a visit to a good old traditional car boot sale in London.


I: Interesting art-places online are... Pretty much every publication and print from Nobrow + it’s nice that   also have great stuff regularly show on their site. And of course Bloesem for daily inspiration.

N: New in my home is... A pair of duck-scissors + a vintage briefcase I got from Camden market, which is now portfolio and a little wood shelf I designed recently.


T: Tomorrow I’d like to go to... The moon in a hot air balloon.

S: Studio, my studio is... Some sort of organized chaos…. I have a weird habit of deliberately hiding things around the place (such as a set of new pens, a little old frame, papers, anything really) so that one day, (sometimes months or years later) whilst going through a box or drawer I find something… and the happiness, of not even remembering I had it in the first place, is unbelievable! 


Thereza Row is very talented  illustrator and graphic designer. Would you like to see her portfolio, buy some of her work or read her journal than follow the links... Enjoy!



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