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Let's Get Personal in Australia with Eliza Lopatowska...


The home of Eliza Lopatowska from Ola&Olek

A:: Australian is…. blue skies, exciting outdoors , fantastic coffees and my very first mud crabs .

U:: ugliest thing in my home is... my curtains in the windows and occasional mess.


S:: style means to me…. creating your own visual identity.

T:: time, I always make time for…. catching up with friends and doggy walks.


R:: room, my favorite room in our home is…. our living space which is one big open space. It combines the study, lounge, dining room with the kitchen and the backyard. When we open the bi-fold doors wide it is one continuous light filled space..

Eliza_3 Eliza_6 Eliza_5 Eliza_8 Eliza_11 

Eliza_12 Eliza_9 Eliza_2 Eliza_10


A:: addiction is…. usually short-lived enjoyment with a pricey tag attached. Mine is… a kick of caffeine


L:: looking forward to…. my next holidays in Magnetic Island and diving in the Great Barrier Reef. It’s been busy times at Ola and Olek  recently and we deserve some play time now.


I:: interesting places in my city are.…I’m still looking for them…


A:: art in my home is from…. We tend to buy pieces on our holidays. The current collection is from France, Austria, UK, Spain, the States and Bolivia.


N:: new in my home is…. a crystal carafe I bought just yesterday for our drinks bar.


H:: hobby, I always make time for…. my new bonsai tree.


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear…. in this climate is any dress in light cotton. Gorman and Zimmerman dresses are the new additions to my wardrobe. These two Australian brands have worked out what is good for the weather here.


M:: magazines I love to read are…. Lula, Wallpaper, Pop magazine, Citizen K, Paradis, Vogue,FrankieMilkPapier Mache and online La Petit Magazine and Babiekins.


E:: enjoy, I can't live without…. travel.


Eliza Lopatowska is the founder, designer and lovely lady behind one of my favorite kids' fashion labels: Ola&Olek. Eliza's Polish background and her little cousins inspire her when drawing and designing the clothes. Eliza currently lives in Australia but used to live in the UK.. a little bit more about her brand is here on BKids or go and visit the Ola & Olek website to get the whole picture and fall in love too :)

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Singapore in progress....


Good morning! Perhaps you noticed (hopefully not) that I wasn't behind my desk last week... I prepared all the posts from last week one week in advance so I could sneak off to our new apartment in Singapore.... only 10 days ago we received notice that we could come over and pick up our key... YEAHH we waited a long time but boy was it worth the wait. I'm absolutely in love with our luxurious small new space in this wonderful city.


Last week week we (my husband and sons) were cleaning the house, unpacking the boxes, driving back and forth to IKEA, the hardware store, the internet shop and all the other things that needed to be taken care off... off course we are not finished at all yet, but we are making progress... above a small impression from the boys bedroom... so happy I brought the yellow lamp from a thrift shop from the Netherlands, makes the room immediately bright and happy... in fact all the furniture you see in the top images are from thrift shops from the Netherlands. We are now way done decorating the place, but this is just a small start... we ae hoping to have the floor painted white. 


Entrance to the kitchen including the door to our bomb shelter!!! Can u believe it we have a house shelter like the Singaporians prefer to call it... an absolute waist of precious space in my opinion, but we are not allowed to remove it, so it's going to be storage room and Lode's new bunk bed that he loves so much. 

ps. we are not moving to Singapore, we are staying in KL but due to my husband's job we will be spending lot's of days in Singapore too... keep you posted! 

ps. tomorrow a great new Let's Get Personal Tour.


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An Extra Let's Get Personal in the USA today with Paloma's Nest


The home of Caroline Colóm Vásquez from Paloma's Nest

A:: American is... meddling tradition with innovation.  A hand in the past, an eye on the future.

M:: make, I start making when...I get up in the morning, and don't stop until my eyes are closed. Then I make and create in my dreams. 


E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice ... that it is probably not what you expected from the outside. We are very respectful of the original architecture of the house (built in 1969). While we have certainly modernized and updated it, we try to maintain and preserve certain elements that we feel are part of the history of the home.

R:: room in my home that needs restyling is... the guest room/ office. It needs redefining, and clearer purpose. Help!


 Original-1969-lovingly-preserved- Yellow Cabinet Art Watercolor-house


I:: if I could live in a different place or home, it would be... In a little narrow row house on a canal in the Netherlands, with boats outside the front door and a tiny garden patio out the back. I was a student there several years ago, and the landscape is forever etched in my fond memory. I left a part of me there. 

C:: craft projects that I love best are... things that I create on the spur-of-the-moment. Projects that can be made using the materials I have available, that don't require purchasing any additional supplies. Even better when I can find the glue and scissors. 


A:: art in my homes comes from... My favorite antiques fair that takes place twice a year in Round Top, Texas. Mile after mile of tents filled to the brim with curiosities. 

N:: new in my home is... A set of wooden child-size chairs in the shape of animals, that live in our playroom. They were handcrafted by my husband for our soon-to-be-released Menagerie collection of home accessories and decor for little ones. 


H:: hobby, I always make time for...Cooking a wonderful meal from scratch on the weekends. Complete with dessert.

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is... My burnished gold knee-high leather boots that I found a few years back at Anthropologie. They are simple enough to go with everything, but so rock n'roll. And I love a subtle touch of gilding on, well, almost anything!


M:: magazines I love to read are...  a little bit business, a little bit inspiration. Always in the stack are Inc. Magazine and Martha Stewart Living.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without... hot baths, peppermint tea, and my loved ones. 


Thank You  Caroline  from Paloma's Nest!

Isn't it nice to see how Caroline lives? I know so many of you love her work. The ceramic bowls, ornaments and cups have been going around the web for many years and it must be this lady her lovey personalitly that makes her items never to go out of style!!! ...Paloma's Nest


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Blog Love: &Pompoon


It was via a little Hamster that I re-discovered this beautiful blog: &Pompoon by Carline van Oel. I had seen some of Carline's comments on Bloesem and visited &Pompoon in the past, but last week I finally contacted her and asked her permission to use some of her gorgeous images.


Pomppon2  CarlinevanOel-OverLappen04

Carline has been a professional modern dancer before turning to the world of styling and photography. The images above and blow are I believe from her own home. I absolutely love the restaurant board hanging above the kitchen table!



The image above comes from a series which Carline made together stefanie maas and sander van den bosch, the  bright geometric blankets are from mae engelgeer.

..Carline van Oel and her blog: &Pompoon




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Guest today: Melissa from reverie-daydream

Jamesmerrellii-1{images via James Merrell}

A little write up today by one of Bloesem's readers... Melissa from reverie-daydream

'Natural light, monochromatic earth tones, and organic elements all combine to form my ideal dream living space. To allow the mind to be inspired, serenity usually plays a key role. This home, photgraphed by James Merrell, offers simplistic design as an open canvas for the creative juices to flow as well as the perfect backdrop to showcase all your beloved treasures gathered along life’s way.'


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Let's Get Personal in the UK with Michelle from quirky collective


The home of Michelle from qu*rky collective 

B:: British is... what most people think i am until i speak long enough for a hint of a once strong french accent to appear.  British is very endearing but at times so infuriating.

R:: Room, my favorite room in our home is... our LIVING room, bright and airy.


I:: Islands are better because... they make you more resourceful.  however, if i could redefine what an island is,  a little warmth and extended periods of sun would be the first pre-requisites, the fact that it is surrounded by water could become secondary. 

T:: time 'to make' is... when i have or take time. when i cook. when i take pictures 

I:: Imagine, I could live in a different place, it would be in the mountains (france, british columbia or nevada) in the middle of nowhere but during the winter months only; imagine i could live in a different home, what kind of home would it be? i would take our current home layout stretch it a little to make it bigger in places and duplicate it anywhere with an unspoiled view of the countryside during springtime or a beach in the summer...                                                                           READ MORE


2 5 7 8 9 10


S:: Snack, my favorite British snack is... still work in progress

H:: Home means to me... us, our pace, our way 


H:: hobby, I always make time for... a game of scrabble.

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear...at the moment are my repetto electric blue mary janes.  always brighten up my steps 


M:: magazines I('d) love (to find more time) to read are... another magazine, toc toc toc, o.k periodicals (online), lula magazine 

E:: enjoy, I can't live without... their smiles and quirky ways, my own company,(french) sweets, my camera and a little exercise


Thank you Michelle! Michelle is the founder and owner of a wonderful online shop for kids: qu*rky collective ... would you like to visit it then click HERE...




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