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I love you because

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 by Irene Hoofs


Valentinebook Valentineheart_4 Valentineheart_5 Valentineheart_3

With Valentine on it's way I like everything that has to do with romance and love....like this little book: I love you because

What you have to do is buy the little book first and then fill it out and give to your love... it's like a lovers scrapbook displayed in a very funny and artsy way. Each page gives you the oppurtuntiy to write something about your lover or theperson you are in love with, for example, although the writing is in DUtch, I'm absolutely sure you will understand what each page is meant for due the lovely illustrations and images.  Deborah van der Schaaf is the designer/illustrator and she has some amazing work on her website. The creative idea for the book was by Frederike Schouten.  You can buy this book here or here

Publisher : Merel & Mus





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