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Goodbye Pink Girl...

Friday, 15 October 2010 by Irene Hoofs


A new Bloesem and B:Kids are on the horizon... just two days away... super exciting and I have been working hard to meet my self-imposed deadline... (bit of a moving target actually...)...so here it is... my last old-style Bloesem post...feels a bit sentimental...missing my pink girl already...but what better way than ending this period with a post where my Bloesem girl shines...yesterday I received copies of Home&Decor Singapore magazine with a short column about Bloesem and me... I've always liked seeing my 'pink girl'... and she can actually never be fully replaced perhaps.... so I'm not going to throw her away like an old pair of shoes...she might pop-up once in a while in new Bloesem...:)

Thank you Ruth Chan for inviting me to your fantastic Asian magazine, I believe Home&Decor truly is the best interior design magazine in this part of the world and as a Kuala Lumpur resident I'm honored to be mentioned... just some images below to show you what I mean...



And last but not least... many thanks to all of you who have embraced the 'old' Bloesem for so long and a special thanks to Grace, Holly, Jan and Victoria for endorsing Bloesem in the early days... I can only hope you will like the new Bloesem too and I'm looking forward to seeing you all back on Monday... new Bloesem.. SAME ADDRESS!! irene xoxo

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