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Monday, 5 April 2010 by Irene Hoofs

DesignHome UnRaveled :: answers by Marielle from House of Dots


Dutch:: is ... everyone going by bike, everywhere in any kind of weather!mine is a ‘bakfiets’ a big transport bike I can do all my big grocery shopping with, living in a city centre makes a car useless!



Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice ... our big living-kitchen, people are always surprised because from outside it looks dark and small, and the red carpeted stairs that leads to the living room and our House of Dots Atelier


Style:: means ... mixing all kinds of styles together till it’s yours
For me that means mixing folklorist and authentic feeling styles together till it’s mine,  anything goes, there are no rules and nothing clashes!


Inspiration:: comes from ... ANYWHERE! A smell, a shoe-clothes combination somebody is wearing, a blossoming tree, a lining in a vintage jacket, pictures, MTV, my children etc.



I ‘see’ so many things that inspire my to make a skirt, dress, jacket, a cake, a bag………… AAAh I don’t have enough time!!


Gourmet:: is ... preparing (endlessly thinking of what to make) and cooking a many course meal for friends or baking a really special and big (wedding) cake!


New:: in my home is ... the embroidered vintage ‘painting’ in my kitchen I adore and my boyfriend and children hate it! (it is growing on them)


Hobby:: I always make time for ... BAKING and CRAFTING

I’m always ‘making’ something (patterns, cake, clothes, recipes,presents) can’t help myself!


Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is... my green leather vintage winter coat with Fox collar (hanging next to the kitchen cabinet) I love the smell of the coat!! And of course I like wearing our House of Dots dresses, Nurse Coconut in particular!


Make:: I start creating when ... whenever! All day long there are ideas in my head, I start making them when I figured out how or where to start, that can be in the morning, afternoon or night, I have to make it then and there if it is possible, till I face a ‘problem’ then I have to start figuring out in my head again.


Enjoy:: I can't live without... SUGAR and my loving family X

..........Thank You Marielle..............

Together with her friend Hester, Marielle started making these super fun dresses, inspired by the polkadots era... they called their label House of Dots and their unique style is warmly welcomed by many other creative women in the Netherlands and love to wear their perfectly fitted pieces, like I said before, Nurse Coconut is my favorite, but I still have to give them my measurements...


Would you like to meet Hester too and see her fantastic city centre home in Haarlem then haed over to BloesemKids ... are you inspired :) ?

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