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SuTurno new collection


Perhaps you remember these tiles and patterns, well Suturno just launched their latest collection and I just LOVE it .. Rabar  from SuTurno ...


Tallos is the name of the pattern in the images above, I'm not really sure whether you can actually buy ths as wallpaper, but I do know it's available as a cushion, right here...

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Homeland by Mara Skujeniece


A little while ago I wrote again about Mara Skujeniece and her amazing ceramic designs...perhaps you already have seen her latest work...'Homeland'... Mara ’s work takes much of its inspiration from her Latvian origins...i love the pure and fragileness of the illustrations she used for these plates...it makes you very much aware of 'where' the food is coming from that day...not sure whether that is always a good thing :) ?? ... for price and sales information please send Mara an email.

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Category: Ceramics

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color inspiration


How about some color ideas to start a new new week with ... Pink or Purple you name it :) ... I found these images at Mark Seelen's downloadable portfolio's...I'm a long-time fan of this Dutch photographer...


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things i liked this week...


tea-towels and prints by Mengsel design...


this DIY project...


pillows from Mrs Eliot at envelop...


This Open House Tour on B:Kids... 


These prints by Citizen Scholar inc... 

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Category: Some things

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The Marion House Book


It was the first time this morning that I visited The Marion House Book, but will certainly not my last visit. The author of this great new blog is Emma and she lives in my old town Toronto. I really liked these before and after images of her kitchen...might have something to do with painting our home ourselves last weekend :) I wasn't sure about black and bought a very dark green color but looking at the black convinced me that black is definitely an option for another wall. Thanks Emma for sharing these images of your beautiful kitchen with us!


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Category: Kitchen stuff

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Retro Villa


while scrolling through BoligLiv's website this morning I bumped into Retro Villa a wonderful online world packed with retro wallpaper, homemade papered furniture, patchwork bedspreads, colorful cushions and many more colorful items to bring cheer and joy into your home. Mette Helena Rasmussen is the founder of Retro Villa and she also works as a freelance interior stylist.


... i always do some research on the net and see if other blogs talked about retrovilla before and yes of course Holly has done a very nice write-up about RetroVilla too...

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