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Saakje and Falling in Love ceramics

Monday, 8 March 2010 by Irene Hoofs


Saakje Visser is a product designer from the Netherlands specializing in ceramics. She graduated cum laude in 2008 from the Arnhem Academy of Arts and last year she designed this beautiful tableware to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Galerie Help u Zelven. And it's called :: Falling in Love tableware. 


I was so intrigued with these images and the beautfiful tabelware that I send Saakje an email and asked her to answer the Let's Get Personal questions for us ::

Dutch:: is? my favorite language to express and make jokes

Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice  my ernormous collection of pastry moulds and kitchentools 

Style:: means well-thought-out shapes without unnecessary decorations. 

Inspiration:: comes from small things: small collections, beautifull cakes, delicious snacks and lots of tableware and cutlery.


Gourmet:: is necessary to pay attention to the quality of food and the presentation, I love to direct every little detail by serving food.  

New:: in my home is my new second hand, at least 6 times painted, mini cabinet 

Hobby:: I always make time for cooking, making dishes for friends and family

Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is my new magpie necklace of Hartog & Henneman 

I start creating when I was a little 3 years old girl, creating my dad on a bike with small strips of white paper. 

Enjoy:: I can't live without creating things (and ofcourse: family, friends and boyfriend in random order!)

Thank you Saakje!


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