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Tuesday, 19 January 2010 by Irene Hoofs

DesignHome UnRaveled :: answers by
Jorine Oosterhoff

Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice our cats who want to sneek out (why I wouldn’t know ;-)), green carpet (that was already in the house when we moved in, I like the colour) a big mirror, a birch tree and 4 coathooks designed by me for the Puhlmann collection.


Style:: means…Being yourself, you are unique don’t try to be someone else.


Inspiration:: comes from a lot of things. For example, fantasy stories, art, history, nature. I like to see community forms, how animals live in a group and seeing the different characters in that group. I try to include these things in my work.


Gourmet::  is nice … treat yourself very very well.

New:: in my home is a big vase from Lenneke Wispelwey, a glass set from my sister Fenna Oosterhoff, cups from Saakje Visser etc. Pieces I exchanged at a Art and Design Sale in December in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Exchanging stuff among each other is always exciting!


Hobby:: I always make time for reading books, especially fantastic stories. I love to dream away to another world. And traveling, although I do not always make enough time for this.


Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is a colorful dress with flowers on it, I bought in Vietnam. Unfortunately I have to wait till summer to put it on again. Right now it is too cold.


Make:: I start creating when I have a good idea. (all the time) Than I start sketching and puzzling till everything is right. Then I start creating in 3D.

Enjoy:: I can't live without my boyfriend, my family and my 2 cats.


.........Thank You Jorine Oosterhoff..........

Two young Dutch designers living under the same roof ...such a treat to have them as guests today! Jorine Oosterhoff and Egbert-Jan Lam from BuroJet only recently moved to this new home...and already they created such a nice warm and welcome place...It always takes me so much longer to make a house look so personal and authentic!Jorineoosterhoff

I have written about Jorine her gorgeous ceramic designs a couple of times before on Bloesem...but little did I know that her partner is just as talented as she...



...Egbert-Jan Lam from BuroJet designed an impressive collection and my favorites are this beautiful chair, the aerowing flywood, and the drippin'and edged cups... the 2 images above.

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