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Monday, 25 January 2010 by Irene Hoofs

DesignHome UnRaveled :: answers by Frieda and Maria

Dutch:: is? Open mindedness


Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice a big pile of boots, our kids' sneakers, Dr Martens, (fake) fur coats, raincoats ( because you know sometimes, or rather most of the time, it rains here in Holland), knitwear ......... and two cats that especially like the spot right before your feet, which can only result in you tripping and breaking most of the breakable parts of your body.


Style:: means...don't place yourself above others, even if you're the best photographer, the smartest girl of your year, the best paid top model or a rich owner of a really successful company, you're still you!
Don't become 'a pain in the...' to your fellow human beings, and skip the drama-queen behavior. But also be proud of yourself even if you've got more annoying character traits than you ever thought existed or just can't seem to master little things like always taking your key with you when leaving the house.


Inspiration:: comes from Everything we find at garage sales, our grandparents' attic, tiny presents and cards we get from special people, things that have emotional value to us or even ordinary things that that are right before our noses.


New:: in our home ... our house is also our studio, so everything we make stays in our house before we sell or use it for a photography shoot.

At the moment we're making stools for our webshop and these are our newest pieces of furniture (or rather accessories, because we made an enormous invisible DON'T SIT barrier around it by yelling at everyone who comes near) before they sell.


Hobby:: I always make time for Drinking a nice glass of wine (but we think wine is good rather quick) with some fine music, and then dream away together about fashion shows with furniture, making a movie or throwing a friedamaria-party.


Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear Mary Janes (shoes) from Dr. Martens with a black polo-neck!

Make:: I start creating when When the brats are at school, the Prince is in his office and the dishwasher is emptied our houses transform into a studio.


Enjoy:: I can't live without Our little brats, because even though they're a pain in the ass they can be quite addicting, dreaming of what we wanna do or be when we get older, making new plans and new design, daydreaming about the impossible... But also our computers (with internet, e-mail and the amazing photoshop on it) and our cameras.
................Thank You Frieda and Maria..................


friedamaria = design duo frieda mellema and margo maria weijer have established one of the best styling houses from the Netherlands. These super creative ladies constantly know how to amaze us, the audience, with their beautiful productions for international magazines, museums and parties.


Recently they also opened their online shop where you can buy some of the gorgeous handmade creations...

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