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Monday, 11 January 2010 by Irene Hoofs

DesignHome LenneBelle UnRaveled :: answers by Lenneke Kooijman

images by Sophia van Made


Dutch:: is? Down to earth, open minded, out there.


Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice my Tord Boontje lamp and the For like ever poster. Besides this the mix in cute girly stuff next to skateboards, a little Eifel tower next to a Transformer. We recently moved in together and still things need to find their place and grow more together.


Style:: means...being yourself and expressing this by what you do, wear, listen to, read etc. It evolves during the years and sets you apart from others. It is also what appeals to you in other people.


Inspiration:: comes from ...today it comes from traveling. At the moment I am in Asia for 100 days! Enjoying other cultures, the food, the scenery and catching up on inspiration for Made by lennebelle. Besides traveling I get inspired by other blogs, talking with extraordinary people, snooping around flea markets and flipping through magazines. I always have my little notebook with me to doodle and write down what pops up in my mind.


Gourmet:: ...enjoying good food and good company are two of the best things in the world!

New:: in my home are the cute items by 'Le petit atelier de Paris' which I got when we went to Paris for my 30st birthday last November and my old archive closet which I also got for my 30st birthday from my parents! It was on my wish list for ages and every-time I see it it now it brings a smile to my face.


Hobby:: I always make time for my every Monday evening dinner with my friends which is sacred.  And this year I learned how to sew ( I made my entire new winter wardrobe collection this year) and I started a painting course with a couple of friends. Starting with coffee, cookies and some gossip and ending up zipping wine and discussing the results!  So much fun! Now I am traveling I am planning to paint my own little postcards to send home. Hope I will take time for that! For x-mas I got a photography-course which I will start as soon as we come home. Can't wait.


Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is a dress, boots and my boyfriends cashmere vest. This winter mostly my own creations. The only thing I bought are these amazing taupe co loured boots. 


Make:: I start creating when...sometimes you have an creating-bubble. The urge to get everything out which is in your head is really strong. On the other end there are days nothing happens. I don't know what the trigger is


Enjoy:: I can't live without hugs, friends and family, Jack our chubby panter cat and the small things in life. It sounds so cliche but it's the truth.


............Thank you Lenneke............

Lenneke Kooijman is proudly presenting her first handmade jewelry collection, a collection that I really love, becasue of the combination of materials Lenneke has chosen...currently Lenneke is traveling around the world for inspiration and as she says in her own words...'snooping around for quality materials'...when she comes back she is planning to bring us many more designs and special items...if you would like to see her new collection click here and read her fantastic blog click here...

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