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Tuesday, 8 December 2009 by Irene Hoofs

DesignHome BB+++ UnRaveled :: answers by Kellie Smits

Dutch:: I (=Kellie Smits) think in designing: down-to-earthiness, simplicity, conceptualize, form follows functionality, openness are very Dutch.
Entrance:: when entering my home you will notice? A big long Grey mdf closet wall which divides BB+++ from our private home and which is filled with a lot of BB+++ garments. And at the end our black mdf  ‘Anne Frank’ closet and the great yellow Dots of Tveit & Tornøe for hanging our jackets.

Style:: means? When one has style or taste I think that’s because one had developed his own vision by first being passionate  then imitating, criticize and finally developing its own mix or vision. So I think style is a product of being passionate and active.

comes from? Inspiration is everywhere, but depends on what you are interested in and open for.  You can read a book several times in a certain interval of time and every time you read it it can inspire you on a different matter.

Gourmet:: is necessary because? It is cosy to fry all those small pieces of food in such a small pan yourself at the table and to experiment with it! And it is easy to prepare ;-)
BB_keuken New:: in my home is? I think more then 50% of all objects in my home are new, because we just moved from a very small apartment to a 3 floor house with garden. I designed almost all furniture myself and let it be made by a carpenter. But most proud I am on my new kitchen, which I did not design myself. It is the newest B2 model of Bulthaup and it is fantastic in its design!

Hobby:: I always make time for? Having dinner with friends (at home or in a restaurant). I think this is the most relaxing activity I can imagine. I love wine and food!!! And I love talking with my friends!

Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear is? At the moment I have bought two great dresses of the Dutch label Dutch-ess, which is the label of my friend. She creates great dresses, which are very wearable in daytime, but also very special!

Make:: I start creating when? When I didn’t do for a certain time or when I have finished my daily activities. So when there is space in my head I automatically start designing.  It is not always easy with a busy life with kids and a company to work out all my ideas and work them out perfectly like I imagine them in my head, but they say it is good enough ;-)

Enjoy:: I can't live without? My kids and husband!Buisjesbeugels
Above images of the latest collection designed by Kellie Smits for her own fashion brand Buisjes En Beugels+++.

............Thanks Kellie from Buisjes En Beugels+++............

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