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Las Coleccionistas

Monday, 23 March 2009 by Irene Hoofs

{image from Las Coleccionistas, photography studio in Barcelona}
You probably understand how happy I am ... a healthy new born son and everything is going very well, after a week in the hospital it's fantastic to be back home ... I haven't had time yet to make some nice pictures for Bloesem, but will try and make some this week, luckily I already prepared some great posts the day before I went to the hospital which I would like to share with you this week and next week some very nice bloggers from all over the world will be showing you lovely guest posts here on Bloesem! 

Thank you all for your lovely comments, emails and wishing wells on Facebook! Slowly I will be trying to respond to your questions and emails, but please be patient with me as I'm spending a lot of time these days with my lovely sons, Lode and Kiet!


Las Coleccionistas is a photography studio based in Barcelona formed by three girl photographers. Their main commitment is to tell stories through their images, to achieve a natural, creative and spontaneous style that confers attitude, character and philosophy to their photos ... and I think they are doing just that with their beautiful photography ... recently they opened a studio in the heart of Barcelona to see their work for yourselves, but for those of you who don't go to Barcelona very often can have a look here in their etsy shop where you can buy some of their work as prints.


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