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Beelden Bouwers = Image Builders

Monday, 2 February 2009 by Irene Hoofs

Ellenseegers {'Kluifcabinet designed by Ellen Seegers}
When I saw images of this great cabinet over at NinainVorm. I just had to know a little bit more about the creator(s) ... apparently Ellen Seegers from BeeldenBouwers designed the cabinet as a customized project for a family home in the Netherlands ... together with Arno Tummers, Ellen started BeeldenBouwers in 1999 and together, but also solo, they create and design beautiful and unique objects for the home ...
Sleegers   And how about this superfun cabinet called Monster? ... I LOVE it ! Ellen designed this unique piece together with Jolanda Slegers already in 2005 and I wish something similar would be available here in KL, but I guess I have to move back to the Netherlands and ask Ellen to create a customize piece for us ...
A new project Ellen and Arno have been working on is the Woollight collection ... lamps made of used wool blankets ... the wool material has been subjected to a treatment which is transparent and remain in shape ... the result is unique, very creative and special! ... available by sending BeeldenBouwers an email ... {via NinainVorm}

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