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Thursday, 16 October 2008 by Irene Hoofs

Uncle Beefy 's favorite design pieces in his house
I (=Uncle Beefy) didn't really gravitate toward anything contemporary and must be very sentimental at heart as I went for all old family relics. (And, hopefully, not too many!) In the first photo is a Rodeo trophy that was won by my father's father (i.e., my Grandfather on my Dad's side), the clock was made by hand in Ireland by my Great-great-grandfather on my Mom's side, and the milk pitcher belonged to my Mom's Grandmother (or my Great-grandmother).
... and the fat little blue & white pitcher was also my Great-grandmother's, the small silver teapot was one that my (=Uncle Beefy) maternal Grandfather obtained from working on the Canadian National Railway, the bell is a complete mystery (and I love that too!), the teacup honoring the Nova Scotian tartan belonged to my Grandmother (my Mom's mother), and the "Cape Breton" photo belonged to my Mom (and I love that faded retro 60's photo styling!)

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