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Thursday, 25 September 2008 by Irene Hoofs

Sleep under a cardboard box so a homeless young person doesn’t have to ... this is the openings-sentence on Snurkengoed's website ... of course it made me very curious and when seeing the images I wasn't sure whether the bedding was made out or real carton or cotton ... it looks so real, but it's made out soft 100% cotton and you can really sleep under it, how fun!! The initiators of Snurkengoed are Erik van Loo and Peggy van Neer from the Netherlands ... you can order this 'crazy fun' bedding online by sending them an email, prices are on the website as well and the good thing is a large proportion of the proceeds from the Snurkengoed quilt covers go to SZN, a foundation for homeless young people in the Netherlands. {ps. 'Snurken' means snoring in Dutch}

{ps. I just received an email from Venka de Rooij from Dutch by Design letting me know that they sell the bedding exclusively on a international basis as Snurk do not have the facilitiesto do this and they donate 30% of Gross profit to a young homeless people charity called Centrepoint, thanks Venka}

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