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Piano Nobile

Tuesday, 30 September 2008 by Irene Hoofs

... a new week ... hope you enjoyed your weekend same like we did ... we also bought a new bed and I can't wait to show you the images, but this will be sometime in the beginning of November, so please  be patient ... but here on Bloesem I have some nice things for you planned for this week ... starting with ...Pianonobile_2... Piano Nobile are artists, designers, and builders making some very beautiful things together like fabrics, furniture and jewelry all inspired by nature and they are based in Venice in the USA ... the people from Piano Nobile combine structure and surface design, fine art and fine craft in all their projects. I love the Vollen series by Chadhaus furniture very much, because of the basic lines from the designs and the letting the beautie of the wood speak for itself! Please contact the studio for pricing.

...and these are some of the gorgeous bags with from a limited edition, which feature hand-printed fabrics by sisters Eva Grizzard and Isabelle Grizzard Robertson, who are both designers form the Piano Nobile group ... {via Little Willow

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