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Wednesday, 3 September 2008 by Irene Hoofs


Lucy's favourite design/art objects in her home Lucy_designfiles_book_small
- it was hard to only choose 2! - but the first item is an artwork I (=Lucy) purchased just this year.  It is the first (and only!) artwork I have ever bought, and is a book sculpture by Australian artist Nicholas Jones.  I discovered this piece when I went to interview Nicholas for my blog - I visited his incredible studio in Melbourne and I was so inspired by the space and the work, I got quite carried away taking a lot of photos and asking lots and lots of questions... it was very overwhelming!  I felt so lucky to be invited to see Nicholas' studio and to chat to him about his work in person.  Nearing the end of the interview he showed me this piece - it was in a box set aside for an exhibition in Sydney.  I immediately fell in love with it, but I didn't feel I could ask to buy it, as it was set aside for his exhibition!  I got home and couldn't stop thinking about it - so I phoned Nicholas the next day and asked if I could buy it after it was exhibited.  Lucky for me he said I could have it and he would create a different item for his exhibition.  :) 
The second item I (=Lucy) am including is a beautiful rocking chair made by my very talented partner Gordon Johnson.  Gordon is a furniture designer/maker, and he created this piece about 5 years ago as a prototype for a furniture competition in Japan.  It was such a labour-intensive piece he has never made any more of them... which is a little sad but at least it means we have the only one!  The chair is made using a 'skeleton' of of plywood ribs, skinned with a blackwood veneer.  Unfortunately our home is a little too small for this piece so at the moment is stands in the corner and rarely used :(  One day when we have a larger home I hope to give it the prime position it deserves!

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