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Jessica reporting from Barcelona

Friday, 8 August 2008 by Irene Hoofs

This week Jessica is showing us her city and also my favorite city in Europe! Barcelona has a special place in my hart ... as long as I can remember we spent our holidays in Northern Spain, in a very small village called Llagostera, very near to the even so interesting city Girona, but my parents never really wanted to go to a big and warm city like Barcelona with small children ...they rather took us to the beautiful beaches and the quite places, but when I got older and I spend my vacation together with Rik in Llagostera, we always spent a couple of days together walking the gorgeous little streets of Barcelona. It's such a hip, trendy, nostalgic and beautiful city with s many amazing neighborhoods and the food is just delicious...ok i could go on and on, but please let me give the word to Jessica, a German Brasilian who lives in Barcelona for a long time already and runs a SUPER cool cafe together with her husband in Barcelona, VonBlum, so enjoy this report form an insider!

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