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Wednesday, 2 July 2008 by Irene Hoofs

...what could be a better way then use these lovely 'Little Wish Boats' from Jurianne Matter to wish my (oh so dear to me) big sister the best birthday she has ever had... it's a very special birthday number for her today and I wish her .. lot's of love from all of us .. lot's of hapiness .. lot's of luck .. lot's of good health .. lot's of happy moments .. and I wish you the absolute best, because you are simply the sweetest person on earth!

... and this little present is on it's way to you ... Close Bond ... no matter how far we live apart we will always be very close together!! Thank you Ashley for making these beautiful pieces of art, I'm such a big fan of you!
{ps. I'm working on a new Weekend Read...yes...finally i have found myself a new topic that I really like writing about in a special read...so no more posts today, but a beautiful big one is on it's way}

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