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Christine reporting from Oslo

Another working week is almost over...people often ask me if I consider keeping up my two blogs up and running as work...well the answer is yes, not only because I take it very seriously, but also because I spend a lot of hours behind my computer...and do I mind...no not at all...i love my job! Especially when I can show you posts like this new report from Christine from Norway...who lives with her Swedish husband and two children near Olso and she is giving us a little insight information about this terrific Scandinavian city...Christine has a beautiful blog too, called HappyGreen and she loves photography...so you can enjoy some great images and information about Oslo right here...and of course I wish you all a very nice weekend and hope to see you back next week!!

* * *Christine from HappyGreen
* * *Olso report

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Studioilse w08

Yesterday I was reading the wallpaper and found this gorgeous tablelamp by Ilse Crawford from Studioilse for Wästberg in Sweden...would you like to see some more beautiful things...just click here to visit Ilse's website..chock-full with inspiration, decoration and design!

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Weekly Gallery

Many flowers, journals and cards today in the Weekly Gallery...i noticed some really cute 'fresias' on the internet lately and thought I share them with you this week, have fun! {ps. tomorrow there will be a great report from Olso in the World Tour}

Beautiful new letterpress cards and placemats by Johanna Anderes from 12fifteen, avaliable at this super cool online supermarket!

Christine Wong from Wonting made this set of 2 very lovely prints, a clematis romantica and a yellow fresia to bring some color and femininity to your decor.
...more fresia's today...beautiful postcards by Donna Compton, available right here...
...and the lovely Joy has done it again...her newest pieces from Nantaka Joy are WOW...I love these black ones inspired by nature ...and are now available online and at retailers near you...
Colombian artist Catalina Estrada (living in Barcelona since 1999) illustrated this beautiful diary written by Paulo Coelho, available right here...the little rd hood print is available here...and would you like to Catalina's impressive portfolio, please click here...

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Lotte van Laatum

I have written about the Dutch designer Lotte van Laatum before on Bloesem, but I'm more then happy to do it again today on Bloesem, because this women really has a lot of talent!
During the Milan Furniture fair 2008 Lotte introduced her interior collection Room for improvement = 'a design philosophy, a language based on humanity which connects all products within the collection' ... the collection consists of products for the home, ranging from furniture and lighting to accessories...
...like the beautiful 'Bloei! sofa' and and 'Watt's new?' lights...and these lights are right up my alley...I love the simpleness of the design and even more when I read Lotte's idea behind these beauties: "many people already apply energy saving lamps in their homes, but often the shape of the lamp and the lampshade do not match, so let's keep it simple and take full advantage of the technique itself for the design..."

...and how gorgeous is this Treecabinet, made of Dutch elm, the wood came from  sick Elms who had to be cut already in 1999...very good re-usage I would say! Here you can Lotte van Laatum her website and here is the special website for Room for Improvement. Enjoy!

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Category: Dutch design

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Jen Renninger

Have you already met this friendly women and artist, Jen Renninger? Jen has her own illustration and design studio called PleaseBeStill. Jen, from sunny Tampa in Florida started illustrating almost 10 years ago..nowadays she sells her own prints like the beautiful ones in the image below (chairs from my favorite Scandinavian designer Hans Wegener) in her etsy shop, but she also makes pictures and illustrations for magazines, click here to see the full portfolio...
...and what i find truly impressive is her blog on which she shows 1 created and finished image for 365 days! And I love the ones (see top image) from the last three days, 'HOPE', 'everything is going to be okay' and 'we are all connected' ...hopefully Jen will add these soon to her shop too...

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Bloom Stools

Grace just introduced me and I think many of you to a very talented young designer (and recently graduated from Central st. Martins) Maria Gil Ulldemolins. I just had to show you her 'Bloom Stools' as well, click here for her portfolio and thanks Grace!

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