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How They Work

Thursday, 5 June 2008 by Irene Hoofs

..it looks like it's going to be a Dutch design week here on Bloesem, but believe me this absolutely unintentional...I just discovered  this beautiful new book on the web last weekend and had to share it with you.... How They Work ... in the book photographer Inga Powilleit and stylist Tatjana Quax (from Studio Aandacht) examine the working methods of seventeen Dutch designers, as well as the typically Dutch approach which has made them world-famous: a fanatical attitude towards work, a healthy lack of respect for convention, and a determination to go their own way....SUPER!

I often wonder why I like to write about all these people and their fabulous designs, which I will never be able to afford...but I guess I think what they are doing is so inspirational and give our lives so much more color and joy..the same effect good food, a nice book or music can have... I will absolutely add How They Work  to my wishlist! ::Here you can order the book::

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