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Joanna's favorite photographer

Wednesday, 7 May 2008 by Irene Hoofs

After showing us a great spot to visit in New York Joanna from a Cup of Jo now would like to introduce us to a photographer duo she really admires...
"The Flying Car: I don't have a huge budget, but sometimes I pretend that I do and buy expensive art. My huge love is buying photographs from up-and-coming photographers. I rationalize the price by telling myself that I'm investing in art and supporting young talent, but really I'm just buying something I love!

The first real photograph I ever bought is still my favorite. It's by Matt Porter, a Brooklyn-based photographer. He took a photograph of a street in Maine, where he grew up. Then he photographed a small toy car hanging by a string in his studio. Then he merged the two photographs together, and voila! You get this amazing flying car photo. Whenever people come to my house, they always stare at it and talk about it and enjoy it. It's such a playful, lovely piece. Matt is a real talent--as is his girlfriend Hannah Whitaker--and I'm so happy to have one of his pieces in my home!"


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