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Erin and her favorites

Thursday, 15 May 2008 by Irene Hoofs

When I asked Erin from Design for Mankind to mention some of her favorite artists this was her answer...enjoy!...
"So.... Here's the deal. I'm horrid at the whole 'favorites' game b/c I'm super indecisive. Really, ask my husband. According to him, I have 17 Favorite Outfits, the 'No, Really, This One is Totally My Favorite' kind. So, I'll spare you the seventeen, but I do have a few faves that come to my mind:


*Alyson Fox


*Samantha Hahn

*Marc Johns

*Jess Gonacha
*Jeana Sohn



*Sandra Juto


*Elisabeth Dunker


Elsa Ferry.

I love this group not because of their aesthetics (which are fabulous), but mainly because of the emotion behind their work. Some are simple, others thoughtful, but each of them are so clearly passionate about their work that it seems to seep through into their images. In my eyes, this is a true artist! OK and may I just add Keri Smith into a miscellaneous category? Her work embodies the epitome of passion. Just wondrous!"

{Thank you Erin for writing these 2 wonderful posts for Bloesem's World Tour!}

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