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The Weekly Gallery

Saturday, 12 April 2008 by Irene Hoofs

Lately I have been receiving so many  emails from great artists, designers and crafters and I  truly appreciate these ...but ... to show them all to you is simple impossible ... so what to do ... this question has been going through my head for a while now and today I decided this is my solution ... once a week I will choose five submissions which I like best and show them to you in one post ...  just some images, the artists name and of course the link ... I hope you understand that I will not be responding to all your emails any more (I wish I could) ... but please watch at the end of the week if your work is posted on Bloesem ... and how shall I call this new feature ... 'The Weekly Gallery' ... if you would like to be featured in The Weekly Gallery, please send an email with some low res images and subject: Weekly Gallery..

... so here are this week's picks ...
Beautiful Art work by Tonja Togerson, here you can read more about Tonja some more work here...

I love these prints by Christina Vantzou, they are right available here

If you are in Milwaukee before April 30th I would strongly recommend you to visit this beautiful exposition by Amy Rice and Abby Glassenberg in Paperboatboutique ... if you're not than click here to view the exhibition online ...there is so much to see so take your time!

Deer heads by Jen Khoshbin , available here and her amazing book series, not available yet, but I'm sure you will enjoy this eye candy...
...and last but certainly not least...Pikaland...this is not the name of an artist, but the name of a wonderful blog showing the work of so many great illustrators. Amy Ng from Kuala Lumpur (yes we live in the same city but haven't met each other yet...) started this awesome blog a while ago, the left image is from Nurin73 called Petit Herrison and the right one is from Retrowhale, her shop is right here...{sorry Amy for being so late to introduce your lovely  Pikaland}

..I wish everybody a very nice weekend and on Monday I will be showing some Milan furniture fair  previews..{ps. If you are looking for some nice reading this weekend...just click here for E-zine number 3Erin you are amazing}


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