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Lax Series

Thursday, 6 March 2008 by Irene Hoofs

Rik and I are looking for a new bed...we're still sleeping on two piled-up mattresses without a proper box or base...we have visited some stores here in KL, but still haven't found what we are looking for...than I found this bed via 2Modern and it's exactly what we are having in mind...but shipping a bed like this to Malaysia will not be that easy...luckily for you US residents who are looking for a new bed...you can just order online.
The bed is from MashStudios in Los Angeles. They are a design firm that specializes in designing commercial and residential spaces. And they also designed this superb bed, which is part of the LAX series.  The bed and sliding cabinet behind it both have the simple and clean lines which I love! They give such a quite and balanced feel to a room. I also love how you can store your clutter behind the sliding doors. I have send the talented people from Mash an email asking them what the possibilities are...keep you posted!

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