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Aurelie Mathigot

Tuesday, 18 December 2007 by Irene Hoofs

These bautiful pieces of art by Aurelie Mathigot certainly take chrochet to a whole new level...sometimes I try to chrochet something myself, but I find it very difficult, I guess you have to be extremely patient...a virtue I lack a little to be honest....But Aurelie Mathigot doesn't...she lives and works in Paris and her work is largely inspired by the notion of recovery and the necessity of talking  everyday life (objects) in antother  - new-  way. 
These images are from the installation section on her website called 'my bedroom'. In 2005 Aurelie Mathigot went for two months to Rio de Janeiro and worked together with a women's cooperative, Coopa-Roca, on all the pieces for this bedroom. Her website is full of beautiful surprises, make sure to click all the buttons, including the Food! {via Bientotdemain}

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