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Jarl Fernaeus

Friday, 23 November 2007 by Irene Hoofs

Just before anther weekend starts I want to show you the amazing designs by Jarl Fernaeus. Jarl is a 35 year old designer and art director from Stockholm. He says he always works with a clear idea about the form and the concept. During 100%futures in London Jarl showed four new products, that he made in collaboration with DuPont in Sweden. He used wood together with Corian. This material gives the objects a clean, cold look which makes the strict and precise expression stronger. It also gives the objects a more luxurious feel.
The purpose of showing the interiors objects at the exhibition was for Jarl Fernaeus to find out about the interest and response of the products. My response is as follow...'I love your items and sincerely hope that all the products will be produced in larger numbers in the future so one day I will be able to own one of your amazing designs'. Please keep us updated Jarl! {for any interested manufacturer here is Jarl's email address}
ps. wish you a wonderful weekend of course and hope to see you back soon!

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