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Knitting projects

Monday, 3 September 2007 by Irene Hoofs


Last week I finished some knitting projects for  a wonderful woman in San Fransisco (I truly hope 'Pos Malaysia' delivers the packages swiftly and safely, but they haven't let me down yet!)... I also did a small project for our home....


A pillow...it's my first knitted pillow ever... took me some time to complete (started in Toronto...)...I am quite happy with the result... and I think I will do a few more.... Knitting is so relaxing (even in 30 degrees celcius with the ceiling fan on...), some quiet time...thinking up new plans.... or just day dreaming... so to start off the week I thought I show you some of my knitting creations... I'll leave you with this post today...I hope you enjoy the 'wish gifts' weekend read... Carina Scott of NonchalantMom just send over her list of wish gifts, have a look here...{thanks Carina and enjoy Amsterdam!}

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