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Friday, 17 August 2007 by Irene Hoofs


Last week, while working for Hide&Chic I was visiting Vitra’s website very often and when I read about Vitra Edition I got really excited about the Cork Chair by Jasper Morrison and even more so when I saw the Office-pets by Hella Jongerius. How stunningly beautiful! Vitra Edition is a laboratory that gives designers, architects and artists the freedom to create experimental furniture objects and interior installations.


These are the chairs by Naoto Fukasawa for Vitra, extremely beautiful. The Vitra Edition prototypes were shown for the first time at the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein, in June last year. And in late 2007 the objects will be made available as a signed, numbered and strictly limited edition, I have no idea how you can apply for an object, but I’m sure you will have to bring some cash….

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