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The Friday Night Knitting Club

Monday, 28 May 2007 by Irene Hoofs

My sister Ellen is visiting from London with her two sons, we always try to meet at my parents’ house when we are in the Netherlands, a wonderful rendezvous place… she brought me a book which is an absolute must read for all knitting addicts… a book about knitting and NY… two great ingredients…The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs


Kate tells the story about Georgia who owns a yarn store in NY and has Friday knitting soirees for her customers… conversations move from patterns and yarn to life, love and much more…women from different backgrounds sharing their love for knitting and their experiences in life… apparently Julia Roberts (a fond knitter herself) loved the book so much that she plans to star in the movie expected to be released in the near future. Kate herself is from Canada but lived on Manhattan for a long time, two places I feel very connected to…I’ll be reading the book on the plane to Kuala Lumpur (where we won’t need any knitted stuff…)… we’re leaving for real this Thursday… I am very excited and nervous at the same time… keep you posted! By the way… Georgia’s knitting store Walker & Daughter actually exists in NY…and you can join their on-line community or visit a soiree in her store on the Upper West Side…have fun and let me know how it was! Ps. Also check out Kate’s blog!

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