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phoebe (silk felt soil)

sooooo fabulous! thank you for a visual feast! xx p


Thank you so much for this read! I love vintage ceramics as well, and was lucky enough to find a Figgjo coffee cup (from the Lotte line). It's one of my favorite pieces. I've been trying to decide whether I want to use it as a planter or perhaps use it as the base for a hand-crafted pin cushion. Decisions, decisions.... Thanks, again. This was a real treat!


Thanks for a lovely read. I remember a lot of the Norwegian and Swedish stuff from my childhood.
Your Nymølle tiles are designed by Danish painter and designer Bjorn Wiinblad (check Wikipedia). He has designed everything from matchboxes to huge ceramic waterfountains.
I have a pic of some thrifted platters here:


THANK YOU! This is perfect!


What a treat! I didn't know anything about ceramics, but you got me hooked now.


Wow, thanks for a great post! I just love this type of ceramics...Did you copy my eBay search list?


And what a lovely, inspiring blog you have here. I'll be checking back regularly. (I found you via Lena Corwin's also fabulous blog.)


thanks for such a comprehensive overview! this was so interesting.

decor8 Holly

This was a wonderful post. Thank you so much for the work you did to create it. I have to go look at the Swedish ceramic piece I found in Germany last year. I want to flip it over now and see who made it, I can't recall!!


decor8 Holly

Okay... I'm back. It says Rorstrand and "My Garden"...

I wonder when it was made now??


Thanks so much for putting this together - a wonderfull read!


This is a great read Irene! I love vintage Scandinavian vintage ceramics, especially the work of Kaj Franck and Stig Lindberg. It must have been a lot of work to put this piece together, but it is much appreciated!


Hi Danielle, I'm happy you mention Kaj Frank. This weekend I will add some information to this read about Kaj Franck and Lisa Larson.

Thank you all for the great comments. I'm glad you are enjoying the read! Please let me know about your wonderful ceramic finds.

Cheers, irene


Oh my god Irene, when I was a child my oma had some of that Regout china! Unfortunately it was given to someone else when she died and I doubt they even know what it is.

I loved her teapot. It never dripped. She had some of the cups too - the colours were beautiful. Thanks for sharing, now I have to seek some out.


thank´s for the fabulous post!! very inspirational for future flea market ventures :)


wow..this is AMAZING! thanks irene!


Thanks for a great read and thanks for bringing Scandinavian ceramics up to the surface!


Thanks for such a wonderful post - I love vintage ceramics! Found it a bit late, but of course had to add to blog! You can use this link to get catalogue in pdf for art books published by nationalmuseum in stockholm (stig lindberg is on pg 16) they are not very clear about shipping abroad but you should be able to find out via - otherwise retro home def do look they have both some new and old titles - or perhaps Thanks again! your site is always such an inspiration!


Thank you for the very informative eye-candy filled post, I love every single piece! The Scandinavians are great designers, wonderful clean lines and so adorably charming.


loved your site and I love Nymolle and Linberg, especially his fabrics with people and the green leaf (Bersa?) ceramics. thanks so much!


Love the updates!


Your weekend reads are absolutely great! I'm a huge fan of Scandinavian/vintage pottery, but I haven't seen such a wonderful combination of pictures together before. Love it love it!

Tiel S-K

I don't know where to start to comment. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful images and information. I have some lotte ceramics and blogged about it sometime ago if you are interested.


This is absolutely delightful! It's really inspirational!


Thank you very much for this thorough but brief survey of vintage Scandnavian ceramic and enamel housewares. This information is scarce in the US! I run a collectors website for an American family of potters and designers who worked in stoneware and were influenced by Scandinavian design - . You have enlightened me. Thanks!

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