Irene, wat een geweldig 'cadeautje' voor het weekend!
Over eggmercantile: ben er al tig keer langs gefietst maar dankzij jou ga ik er dit weekend maar eens naar binnen, op zoek naar Lotta Jansdotter. Dankjewel!


Wow. what a nice idea, this weekend read! Although knitting is not really my thing, I am almost tempted to start... (again).


beautiful work and yes, i love mariekes knitting and yours too!! The work from loop is amazing. Unfortunately i dont know how but would love to learn :)
Great weekend read!


Hi Irene - what a lovely read this is! Those cupcakes are just too adorable. If I just had a baby... he/she would wear cupcakes! Thanks for covering T&T too! x


i've just found your blog from another blog and love it! don't read dutch but still..the pictures are great :) i just started knitting a few years ago so i'm not a real expert yet but i agree with you when you say knitting is like yoga..great time to think.

i go to a'dam every year so i can't wait for your next read!


So pretty! Thanks for a fun weekend read- in English too! Thankyou : )
I *love* those cupcake knitted loveies, so sweet!


Lovely read! The cupcakes are beautiful. It's funny, in Afrikaans 'sloffies' are slip-slops, or sandals.


Hello, there. I happened upon this blog entry and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm glad to see you feature the talents of Torontonians - I live in Toronto and think it's a fantastic city. Your writing is lovely and so is your taste.

I look forward to the next weekend read!


just discovered this now - beautiful post! i love knitting, and alpaca yarn is one of my favourites. and marieke's creations are so lovely.

i'm off to read your weekend read in amsterdam - amsterdam is one of my favourite cities too!

and those little feet! adorable :D

Mary HAINAngel2000

Oh my, oh my have I fell on an amazing discovry finding this site. Your site is so well put together. I am def adding it to my blog site as a site to come back too!!! Glad I found it! Just Beautiful!

Sandy Kane

my friend Ann sent me your blogsite, how lovely it is! I adore your illustrations. I also share your passion for knitting, am absolutely obsessed!!

Do you know about KnitPicks? I love their yarns (very good prices) and circular needle systems.

Also I love vintage ceramics and children's books. I have to scan in 'Mr Mixie Dough' and send you some of the illustrations, it was printed in the US in the 1930s, my mom still owns an original copy!

have a nice weekend! Sandy K


Irene!! Please tell me where you got the pattern for the shoes your baby is wearing in your january 5th,2007 post about alpaca yarn. I have been searching far and wide and have yet to find a bootie so darling. I would appreciate it so, so much.


Oh My Goodness. I LOVE IT ALL! I have lately become obsessed with knitting, and have been focusing on toys. So many babies have recently arrived, or a re on the way. I want to make them something they will have forever (fingers crossed!) I am working my way up to clothing. I am still a little terrified of making clothes, but soon! Thank you for all of the amazing eye candy and inspiration! Wow, what a great post!


gosh, everything looks so gorgeous. i love everything fiber, too. swoon.


Loop absolutely rocks. It's tiny but amazing!

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