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PerfectBound reporting from Winnipeg


Hi all...some of you already had a sneak peek at PerfectBound reporting from Winnipeg a few days ago...but then they disappeared again...sorry... all my fault...came down with a fever or something while still in the Netherlands (must have been the weather)...and therefore could not write a proper introduction for these two wonderful ladies... Julie & Kathryn...their blog is PerfectBound...I love PerfectBound... always beautifully styled, sleek and very clean... a feast for the eyes and great fun to read too... their home base is Winnipeg in Canada...and by the way... I am back in KL... touched down yesterday early in the morning... feeling a bit better... still on anti-biotics for a few more days unfortunately...we had a good time in the Netherlands...but it is even better to be back home again... so... everything is back to normal again I guess on Bloesem... very much looking forward to catching up with all of you and this week we can all enjoy geust posts from Denmark, San Francisco, Germany and Amsterdam...

PerfectBound reporting from Winnipeg.."Something Special in Our City: Hoopers Bazaar
Hoopers Bazaar is one of our favourite shops in Winnipeg. It is filled with retro fashions and home furnishings from the 50's, 60's and 70's. On any given day you are bound to find lovely danish decor and vintage accessories. The owners have done such a great job creating fun vignettes throughout the store, it makes you want to take every piece home!
We are lucky to have a shop like this here in Winnipeg. It seems that many open but few survive for very long. Recently moving to a new location in what's known as the Exchange District, Hoopers is surrounded by lots of great clothing boutiques and cafes. It is located in a corner suite of a heritage building, which adds to its
Whenever we visit, there are always great new additions to the shop, which makes it fun to keep going back. Not only are there amazing home furnishings, but also a wide selection of retro inspired clothing. So if you are ever in Winnipeg, we highly recommend you stop in at Hoopers. We bet you'll find something you just can't live without!"

* * * Perfectbound
* * * contact Julie & Kathryn

{originally posted in May 2008}

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Laural and Jen reporting from Toronto


Toronto is a city of many neighbourhoods, and it is fascinating to watch them change over time. Despite being linked to the ultra-arty-trendy West Queen West strip, until recently Ossignton Avenue between Queen and Dundas was lined with booze cans and long-dead storefronts. While the area retains some of its original flavour with Vietnamese Karaoke bars and Portuguese Bakeries still intact, there are more than a few gems to be found by visitors interested in art, fashion, and vintage.


Since it is more than likely that you will be coming from a Queen Street stroll, we will start from there. On your first stop north of Queen Street pop into shop & gallery C1 art space (44 Ossington) to peruse art and craft objects handmade by local designers. Residents or longer term visitors can also pick up cool art skills here such as ceramic silkscreening. Next, cross the street for upscale vintage treats at I miss you (63 Ossington), which carries a carefully curated and impeccably restored collection of frocks and accessories.

Having your design-buds stimulated will make you hungry for more and Ministry of the Interior (80 Ossington) will deliver. A former auto body shop painted bright yellow & charcoal, this design shop and gallery stocks cutting-edge conversation pieces from around the globe. Find furniture, wallpaper & home accessories from designers such as Dwell, Marimekko, and fun NYC design collective Areaware.


For those with vintage tastes that tend towards fringed leather cowboy boots, sequins and shoulder pads, (or flannel & tees for the gents) stroll along to Badlands Vintage (104 Ossington). Then, stop to smell the roses at Jaiden's Petals (130 Ossington) and enjoy the vintage botanical books and Mason jars and recycled bottles filled with simple blooms. As you walk by, just try to resist the pull of Virginia Johnson's vibrantly simple textiles & clothing at her mothership store (132 Ossington).

You can settle down your senses next door with Cindyloowho's serene collection of flea market chic antiques and custom-made rich reclaimed-wood furniture (130 Ossington).

Get your final vintage fix at Vintage Mix 1 (186 Ossignton), stocked full with an evolving stock of vintage suitcases, shoes & accessories from the 70s & 80s, and men and women's clothes from the 60s-80s.

By now you'll be ready for a rest, and handy for you the retro-cozy & no-fuss bar Communist's Daughter is located just around the corner at 1149 Dundas Street West (no sign). Pop a loonie in the jukebox, order yourself a pint, and chow down on some gourmet pickled eggs while admiring your newly acquired goodies. (For those with a taste for the refined there are plenty of stylish bars & restaurants along this strip as well!).

* * *Laural's beautiful shop GoodEgg Industries
* * *Laural's blog Thimble
* * *Jen's blog Toronto Craft Alert

{originally posted in May 2008}

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Jan reporting from Vancouver

Vancouver has a few great areas for shopping, there's Robson Street for all the latest in fashion, South Granville for it's amazing art galleries and chain stores like Williams and Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware but if you're looking for unique handmade, vintage or local designs your best bet is Main Street and even Granville Island.  So I'm going to concentrate on those two areas for this World Tour.  Thank you to Irene for this opportunity, we're honoured to contribute.

MAIN STREET AREA: Vancouver Special  Named after the infamous house designs of the 80's here in Vancouver, Vancouver Special is a new store that just opened this past spring.  Carrying local and international designs such as Vancouver-based, Gailan Ngan's ceramics and Boston's Tivoli Audio radios. Vancouver Special 3612 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. V5V 3N5 Canada shop@vanspecial.com

The Fabulous Find The Fabulous Find is a great little store for mid-century finds where you'll almost always be guaranteed to find some Eames or Sarinen's hanging about.  Lots of teak, old typewriters and lamps.  I see now you can buy their goods online.  Click here to see more. The Fabulous Find 1853 main street vancouver, b.c. V5T 3B8 Tel: 778.836.0480

The Regional Assembly of Text The Regional Assembly of Text is full of original papergoods designed by owners Rebecca and Brandy.  All of their work has an "old school/old office" feel, with unique cards, journals, notebooks, t-shirts and office/desk/home accessories.  They also have a new online shop which is really exciting, so if you can't make it out here, one can buy many of their sweet things by just a click of a mouse.  The Regional Assembly of Text 3934 Main Street Vancouver BC V5V 3P2 inquiries@assemblyoftext.com

GRANVILLE ISLAND AREA: Gallery of BC Ceramics The Potters Guild of British Columbia (Gallery of BC Ceramics) always has an amazing selection of local potter's work.  From local favorites like Cul de Sac Designs (Laura McKibbon) to Elizabeth Burritt, there's always something new to see, and always a great exhibit to see. Gallery of BC Ceramics Gallery Manager: Brenda Beaudoin 1359 Cartwright Street , Granville Island Vancouver BC V6H 3R7 phone: 604 669-3606 galleryofbcceramics@bcpotters.com

Circle Craft Co-operative The Circle Craft Co-operative is a gallery/shop in the Net Loft area of Granville Island.  They host an amazing Christmas Market every year, as well as offer student scholarships.  Their shop and gallery features the work of 200 craftspeople from across British Columbia.  The co-operative has been promoting the work of BC artists since 1972.  (Shown here:  Dresses made from camping tents by Angelica Werth (Nelson, B.C.) and Bear Encounters (Woven tapestries) by Kaija Rautiainen). Circle Craft Shop & Gallery 1 - 1666 Johnston St. Net Loft  Granville Island Vancouver, BC V6H 3S2 shop@circlecraft.net

The Postcard Place ***PoppyTalk

{originally posted in May 2008}

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