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Atelier Solarshop in Antwerp



I already knew Antwerp is one of the coolest places in Europe .. lot's of design and fashion boutiques and the best croquettes in the world :):) ... the next time I am visiting I will definetly make a stop -over at Atelier Solar shop

What started as a pop-up shop I believe has turned into a permanent shop selling fantastic vintage pieces. The "PLIA" foldable chair by Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli has been on my wish-list for a long time. And look at the acapulca chairs in the image all the way below ... grap them, they are to cool!



Recently, Studio Attenzione visited Antwerp too and discovered this remarkable store in a former solar panel shop. It is the place from Jan-Jan Van Essche and his partner Piëtro Celestina, who met each other at the Antwerp Fashion Academy, and share the love for the love for aesthetics, Antwerp, fashion, art and design.                   [MORE IMAGES]

They captured the zeitgeist of what is going on in nowadays interiors. People are longing for spaces and objects with a soul and a deeper story, in the things they surround themselves with. This means gorgeous vintage stuff, well crafted accessories, handmade fashion and much more.Atelier Solar Shop is right on the spot and we love it! Take a look at: Dambruggestraat 48, Antwerp.







Photo credit:
Atelier Solar Shop
Renilde De Peuter
Niko Caignie


..Atelier Solar shop
..Studio Attenzione

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Fenny reporting from Gent

Report written by Fenny from F to Fabulous


Hello Bloesem readers, It’s me again, Fenny from F to Fabulous. Did you enjoy my last travel report about Budapest? I really hope you did !

My traveling buddies finally went back to Kuala Lumpur after almost 2 weeks of exploring Central and Eastern Europe, I  extended my stay for another 4 days at The Netherlands. I visited Amsterdam and Den Haag. Amsterdam was an awesome city. I  love the city, but visiting Gent – Belgium was really unexpected and a pleasant surprise!  My friend whom I stayed with in Amsterdam told me that she wanted to drive to Antwerp –Belgium and brought me along to have brunch with her sister. It was bizarre for me that people would go across the country for brunch and come back haaa! After brunch, her sister suggested we visit Gent instead of Bruges or Brussels for a day trip. It was an absolutely great idea because I’m always eager to go to less touristy places. True enough this tiny town, an hour away from Antwerp was really worth exploring. 


It was summer time; mostly students, local residents and a few tourist enjoyed the sunshine by the canal. They were reading, picnicking, or just chatting with friends. I felt the laid back atmosphere as soon as I stepped in the old town area and loved it. Gent- old town has similarities with Amsterdam. The Grand Canal is the center of attraction, and small canals have its charm; I found so many hidden treasures while cruising. I couldn’t make it to the magical boat cruise during my visit to Amsterdam, but I was glad I did it at Gent. Whoever visits Gent should do it once. The cruise brings you to a hidden tunnel that leads to the back of the Gent castle. The view was truly magical.  [READ MORE]



I also noticed that Gent is very enjoyable place to shop. We did not have much time for shopping though, because it was only a day trip. However we managed to visit some great shops. We skipped commercial brand stores such as H & M, Zara and MNG; instead of we visited smaller shops within the smaller lanes. We spend a little bit more time at Zsa Zsa shop (http://www.zsazsarouge.be/). Zsa Zsa shop is great for shopping Kitsch stuffs. They have two shops on the same lane, one for kids and the other for adults. Also, along the lane is where most of the ‘Indie’ shops are located. I’m always keen to shop at such places. 


After shopping, we stopped at the Beer garden to have Belgium beers; I had a hard time choosing. The list was very long, so I ended up picking one from the ‘beer for ladies’ list. I thought it was light but nevertheless still made me a bit tipsy! And I could not help to take a few more pictures of the nice shops around the beer garden. 



Right beside the canal area, is the main square – a landmark of the old town. The building surrounding the square is amazing! I guess it is a residential area, and in between the quiet buildings we found a few cozy coffee shops. I thought those places are for people who really wanted to have quiet time and read a book. My Friend (who lives in Amsterdam) and I took a picture on this quiet lane.… yes that is me in the red coat J. 


Lastly, for more detail information about Gent, I found this website. It has a complete guide. I really hope my glimpse of pictures about this town gives you an idea of how charming this place is. Enjoy! 


Report written by Fenny from F to Fabulous

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Anna reporting from Brussels

I like to tell my visitors that the city of Brussels, once a settlement in the swamp (Broeksel, means ‘home in the marshes’), makes a bad first impression, but a great second and third impression. The ever-changing facade of the city houses a population as diverse as the member states of the European Union, which Brussels is currently the home of. It impresses mainly through the variety of experiences one can have in this town. The Brussels Capital Region, scarred by politics and economic ambition, is made up out of 19 municipalities; each with their own unique atmosphere. 

When Irene asked me to write a report on Brussels for Bloesem, I decided quickly (aided by stormy weather, I must admit), that taking on the entirety of Brussels is too ambitious a project. Instead, I will focus in my report on my own neighborhood, Ixelles (Elsene in Dutch). It is where I moved to in the spring of 2009 and the part of Brussels I have become most familiar with. Brussels is geographically divided into a lower part and an upper part, and Ixelles is located in the upper part to the south of Brussels. This leafy neighborhood houses a large African community and is also home to a lot of expats who shop in the high-end stores on the Avenue Louise. For Bloesem, I picked a few smaller, lesser-known boutiques south of the Avenue Louise. 

We’ll start all the way near Place Brugmann, where we find Graphie Sud. This concept-store by Violaine Damien has an impressive collection of clothes (by Isabel Marant, Claudie Pierlot and others), decorative objects and knick-knacks from independent designers and luxury brands alike. There’s truly something to be found for every budget. 

{Graphie Sud: Rue Berkendael 195, 1050 Ixelles, +32 (0)2 344 31 92}

Walking up through the beautiful art nouveau quarter of Brussels, we reach the Rue de Page. This street that leads up to the Place du Châtelain, where each Wednesday-afternoon a crowd gathers to buy cheeses and vegetables on the cosy organic market, to end the evening with a glass of champagne or beer in (or outside of) one of the many cafes. From the Chaussée de Waterloo, we quickly come across a delightful little shop on Rue de Page 92: Little Circus. I absolutely freaking adore this shop. I literally was jumping up and down the first time I entered it. Owner Morgane Teheux has great taste in children’s clothes, furniture and accessories, but the store is a treat even if you don’t have children. Among others, she sells goodies by Cocon, Sophie Cuvelier, The Small Object, Cotton & Milk, Fine Little Day, Paumes and Piqpoq.

{Little Circus: Rue du Page 92, 1050 Ixelles and the blog}

A little further up the Rue du Page, on the corner with the Rue du Prévot, we find A La Page. This charming shop, decorated with blue tile and opulent plants, recalls simple times gone by. White porcelain, vintage linens, kitchen utensils, silverware, and ancient shoes and clothing are all beautifully laid out on display. This shop regularly updates its collection with carefully selected second hand items and is an oasis of calm and reflection full of vintage treasures for your home.

{A La Page: Rue du Prévot 2, 1050 Ixelles, +32 (0)2 537 33 04}

Le Typographe, recently relocated to the Rue Américaine 67, is simultaneously a shop, a print atelier for artists, a papeterie, and a professional printer using ancient authentic techniques. The shop offers a variety of beautifully printed cards and stationary, as well as charming office supplies, pencils and gifts. Occasionally, the atelier is opened to the public and you can see the magnificent old (letterpress) printers at work. Impressive!

{Le Typographe: Rue Américaine 67, 1050 Ixelles, +32 (0)2 345 16 76}

Finally, walking towards the busy Rue de Bailli, another well-known shopping street in Ixelles, we find the Rose shop behind the church. This relatively large shop houses a collection of design goodies I like to describe as ‘things you really don’t need but really want’. During previous visits I have bought (1) porcelain container shaped like a bird, (2) Pantone color chairs, countless postcards, (1) bright blue iPhone case, and (1) red scarf. The store is organized according to color and this makes browsing the store a pleasurable experience. But perhaps that’s just me. I arrange my books by color.

{Rose: Rue de l’Aqueduc 56-58, 1050 Ixelles, +32 (0)2 534 98 08}

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little store-by-store tour of my neighborhood. I must say I’ve left out quite a bit and I could go on for hours. But hey, if you made it through the tour this far, you’ve at least seen some of the highlights. Special thanks to my friend Debbie and boyfriend Ashwin for accompanying me on my walk.

Love, Anna Denise

Find me also at my blog The Yellow Umbrella

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