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oh i miss vancouver! this is such a fabulous guide, thanks Jan and Irene, I will check these out next time I'm there. I adore Granville Island, I imagined myself with a studio there once upon a time. The dream still lives on. px


I loved the Craft Cooperative pictures. The bear and weaving --someone needs to start a serious movement to preserve the Native Culture and Art in this area, your pictures made me remember some of the beautiful things I have seen in Vancouver and Southeastern Alaska that I am afraid won't be around anymore- weavings, carvings in bone and wood, baskets that are beautiful beyond anything.


This is great! I live about 45 minutes away and certainly don't ever explore the city as much as I should. I think out of all those places, I've only ever been to The Fabulous Find, which just happened to be randomly stumbled upon. I can't wait to try these other places out! Thanks for the tour! :)


Oh, so nice to see bits of Vancouver again. We visited a couple of times and Granville Island immediately became a favorite. Thanks Jan and Irene!


Vancouver, here I come!!!

Prêt à Voyager

Vancouver is where I took my first steps. I'd love to go back so I can actually remember the visit ;)



Thanks everyone for your comments and how fun to hear Anne (taking your first steps here)!

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