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Shop Stop: wonderwood in Amsterdam


*Guest post by Marjon Hoogervorst aka Vorstin

Last month I was working in Amsterdam and had to stop by this shop/gallery WonderWood  to take a look! I've been here before during the Elle Dutch Design Week and fell in love.

This shop and gallery is specialised in vintage plywood chairs and tables from the '40's till '60's and has a collection with over 100 vintage plywood design chairs.


On the outside you see typically wooden window frames and inside the amazing old characteristic details on the ceiling! You feel the passion from the owner here everywhere! So to bring a little bit from this passion over I shot some snapshots and wrote something about it... Read more....

Wonderwood Wonderwood002 Wonderwood003 Wonderwood004 Wonderwood005 Wonderwood006


I  love this lamp sculpture called "Standing Drawings" from Jeroen Henneman. The artwork behind the lamp with the beautiful shadow effects is from Aonoine Wiertz.


I  find this bookshelf amazing! They told me this is the last one... unfortunately this one is to wide for the place where I want to hang this wonderful piece of art.


The most inspiring wall for me is the one in the back. Here you see some artworks from different designers collected on the wall. I  want to buy them all!


Chairs everywhere: the different shapes are stunning! 




My son will love this wooden game. I think you know this game with te stones on the beach:


When you leave the shop you can leave a message on this porcelain note-board.

 WonderWood address and info

All images by Marjon Hoogervorst aka Vorstin. If you would like to use them for your own blog please give credit with this link

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Shop Stop :: Bl-ij


Bij Bij222 Yvettejaconbs Bij2 Bij22

A little while ago I started this new column on Bloesem and I do think it's nice to get an idea of how products are being displayed in actual shops...not everything should be about online and the internet right? I came accross Bl-ij via OrangeFarmHouse and loved the pictures that I saw especially beacuse I just found this designer online and loved her paper-cups and then seeing them in the windowdisplay over at BL-ij. ...image below are the paper-cups by Yvette Jacobs.


Bl-ij recently opend it's doors in the city centre of Arnhem...Bibi de Lang is the shop owner and she only sells Paper Products including the ones from her own label. You can read more about Bl-ij right here and if you would like to visit her blog than click here...




Yvette Jacobs



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Shop Stop: Pols Potten


Polspotten2 Polspotten5 Polspotten6 Polspotten4 Polspotten7

...yes a new Title for a series of posts I would like to start here on BloesemLiving...Shop Stop: bringing you an impression from a shop around the world that I like and have visited. I will add these Shop Stops to the Travel section of Bloesem right here so if you are in the neighboorhodd you can go and visit. I'm starting with Pols Potten in Amsterdam today that I visited during the summer. I made all the pictures myelf and was amazed by the friendliness of the ladies working that day. Thank You!


Pols Potten started in 1986 with importing Mediterranean earthenware to the Netherlands...soon their tiny store became too small for their growing collection of all things beautiful...in 1997 they moved to their

wondeful current location on the KNSM island in Amsterdam. And it is a must-stop for me whenever I'm in the Netherlands. Artists and designers like Wieki Somers, Carola Zee, Bas van Beek en Erik Polstock their designs at Pol's Potten.






{All images were taken by me, Irene from Bloesem}

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Yesterday I was talking about the Christmas ornaments for the big swap...while working on them I was looking for some inspiration...how about these little animals for your tree? They are Lyndie Dourthe's new creations, Elepoica. A great shop in Amsterdam called EggMercantile is selling them in their birck and mortar store but also online!
Eggmercantile is fortunate to sell a wide collection from this very inspiring artist Lyndie Dourthe. Lyndie herself is inspired by French 'cabinets of curiosities'. The 'Boîtes à trésors' collection feature images taken from encyclopedia illustrations of the 17th & 18th century. The images are transferred onto coarse cotton canvas which is then filled, embroidered and/or beaded, and hand stitched. Here you will find Lyndie Dourthe's own website, but it is in French...

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240 hours shop


The 240 hours shop! Droog is doing it again…a very original idea, this time droog decided to open a pop-up shop in Brussels. It opened it’s doors on July 19th and droog will vanish on September 1st. This temporary shop sells a broad variety of droog products, ranging from limited editions to the unlimited series, from furniture and lighting to books and accessories. So be quick, droog is counting the hours. When it’s gone it’s gone…(sorry no online shop, you will have to go to Brussels!)

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Hercynia Silva


This week I would like to start with showing you the unique products from a great store, called Hercynia Silva, located in Melbourne, Australia…I understand that most of you will never be able to actually visit the store, but their website is definitely worth a visit. The founders are carpenter Michael Conole and graphic designer Viveka de Costa. The focus of Hercynia Silva is on objects in wood, the common thread in their collection is the unmistakable character of the hand-crafted object and they are always keen to view and stock the work of other artists and craftspeople! So if you think your products will fit very well in their collection then don’t hesitate to contact Viveka or Michael.


Blackwood Director's Table, by co-owner Michael Conole at Hercynia Silva.

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