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Shopping in Antwerp with Studio Attenzione



I am going shopping with my friend from Antwerp today ... really true, she is one of my best friends here in KL and we need some qualtiy time together as friends ... such a nice coincedance that I just added a new shopping tip from her hometown Antwerp to Bloesem's Travel section ... Atelier SolarShop ... sounds familiar, could be you have read about it before here on Bloesem... but this time Studio Attenzione gave me some a really nice collage of images capturing this shop in it's best possible way. 

Travel Tip: Atelier SolarShop in Antwerp


Thanks Tatjana en Titia from ..Studio Attenzione for your contribution to Bloesem's Travel Section.


..Atelier SolarShop
..Bloesem Travel

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Shop Stop: supermama in Singapore


If you are ever in Singapore be sure to drop by Supermama. Irene and friend Marjon Hoogervorst was on a mission earlier this year to produce a shopping gift guide of Singapore for Anthopology Magazine. Supermama was on the list, and according to Irene it was probably one of the nicest stores in Singapore.

Supermama is a retail gallery started by a husband and wife who shares the same passion for beautiful things. Open to everyone who appreciates unique finds, designs and carries a good mixture of products. You can take a look at what they have here on their website.




Supermama-sg Supermama-irene



Singapore is only a couple hours away by flight from KL and I enjoy seeing the difference in lifestyle and also what you’ll be able to find only in Singapore. Supermama herself also writes a blog and shares her love for writing and daily inspirations. 


All images by Marjon Hoogervorst

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Dutch Design Year in Eindhoven


Dutch Design Year is a store started by a designer herself Marleen Kurvers (see her gorgeous tube frame light below) . Located in Eindhoven, where talented Ducth Designers come together to showcase their products. Marleen mixes the old and the new, where you can also find a collection of vintage products. Great idea Marleen.

Irene and I share the love for wooden products, so I can see why she picked these pictures. I can easily see these wooden pieces in our office. I also think that, that the geometric flower vase would be a very unique addition for a centerpiece don’t you think? ~Sufiya



I love this idea of adding the glass tube frames to the colored cords, Marleen Kurvers is the designer. A light that is reduced to its very essence: one tube of glass, one wire and one contact pin. Depending on the model, the light can be used in different ways by twisting or turning the frame. The tube framed light defines simplicity in production and functionality. Available in different colors.


..Dutch Design Year 

..Marleen Kurvers

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Atelier Solarshop in Antwerp


I already knew Antwerp is one of the coolest places in Europe .. lot's of design and fashion boutiques and the best croquettes in the world :):) ... the next time i am visiting I will definetly make a stop -over at Atelier Solar shop

What started as a pop-up shop I believe has turned into a permanent shop selling fantastic vintage pieces. The "PLIA" foldable chair by Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli has been on my wish-list for a long time. And look at the acapulca chairs in the image all the way below ... grap them, they are to cool!




When I saw the little fluffy thingie in the picture above on the wooden table I wanted to know what it is so i did some online research and learnt that Renilde de Peuter from at swim two brids makes these very nice 'Swirls' ... 



..Atelier Solar shop

Address: Dambruggestraat 48, 2060 Antwerp, Belgium

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Shop Crush


I have such a crush on Dunlin, a fantastic shop that calls Sydney, Australia home. Dunlin has been curated by New York and Sydney based architectural interior designers Nicholas Barber and Alexandra Bond. The products are sourced from all over, and provide new essential classics for the contemporary home that were previously unavailable to the Australian market. It really is a lovely collection of goodies. My favorites are the six tasting spoons, the glass and steal drink dispenser, and the chatham bone china berry baskets.


I have had a crush on the shop Objects of Use for quite a while now - I just love the concept. Everything about this shop is something I would seriously devour - from the cooking utensils to the cleaning brushes. I understand that loving a shop that is focused on gorgeously designed tools for use, or as some would see it...work - doesn't exactly say "exciting individual" but I can't hear you anyways, because I am too busy drooling over these garden shears. - Tiffany King

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Stop Shop: Woonwinkel in Portland


Although you probably never have visited Portland you probably know by now that this is one of the hot design spots in the USA. Many talented designers and crafts people live here and recently a wonderful shop has been added to this design district. The shop is called Woonwinkel, which means Home Shop in Dutch, yes funny enough there is a Dutch link...

Joyce de Lange visited Woonwinkel and asked owners a couple of questions. Jocyce also took these images for us. You can find Joyce right here on twitter


What's your name and of your business partner?

Erica Essink and Kristin Van Buskirk are the owners

Are you both from Portland?

Yes (although I grew up in the midwest I’ve lived in Portland for 17 years) ..............READ MORE>>>

Iacoli  Ateliernl Studiogorm

Why did you choose a Dutch name for your shop? 

I was living in The Netherlands, working as a designer at Nike’s European Headquarters when we cooked up the idea of this shop. Since I was learning Dutch at the time, and for lack of an official name for the shop, we used the word “woonwinkel”. But somehow it stuck. It’s both a nod to the Dutch design that insipres us, and a word that, in english, sounds pleasant and light. Because although we’re serious about excellent design, we also want our shop to reflect the levity that makes a house a home. 


{image above: hanging lights by iacoli&Mcallister...}

When exactly did you open the shop? May 12, 2011 

Did you travel to Europe to meet de designers of the products?

Although we haven’t personally met most of the European designers that created our products, it was while living and traveling in Europe that we discovered most of the products and became familiar with the designers. We were incredibly inspired by such design shows as the Milan Furniture Fair and Dutch Design Week, and also some really fantastic retailers of excellent design like Frozen Fountain (Amsterdam), Mint (London), and Spazio Rosanna Orlandi (Milan). 


{image above: Ceramics by  AtelierNL...}

Can you name some of the brands/designers you sell?

Hella Jongerius, Atelier NL; Dick van Hoff for Royal Tichelaar Makkum (NL); Scholten&Bajings (NL); Esther Derkx (NL);  Jens Fager and ? Wagell for Muuto (DN); Best Before (FR); Donna Wilson for SCP (UK); Vontundra (US);  Esque (US); Studio Gorm (US), but they are also a due who studied at Design Academy Eindhoven); Iacoli & McAllister (US); Pigeon Toe (US).


{image above: Lamps by Studio Gorm...}


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