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Out of the blue


For those of us who do not live in the Netherlands (currently in my case), we can only enjoy the beauty of the Out of the Blue concept store through this pictures. If a pictures speaks a thousand words, then I'm betting all those words are positive and showering the store with compliments.

Together Marijn Damen & Renee Arns, the founders of the store, work closely with the labels they carry, because they believe having a close and honest connection with both their labels and clients is the foundation of a solid co-operation. Which also means a better shopping and working experience for everyone involved! I know how much bad service can ruin a great shopping experience, so this is great to hear.

With the industrial quality of the space, the wood furniture works perfectly! Giving the shop a perfect amount of cosiness for a customer to feel right at home. Doesn't the wood table and the candle stand remind you slightly of christmas and family dinners?





On top of discovering this beautiful store, I had a wonderful surprise when i was looking through their list of designers on the website and saw Esther van der Sluis-Otten!
I know from our time living in Amsterdam and I did not even know about her delightful ceramic creations! I am so proud of her and overwhelmed by her gorgeous designs.

Another familiar piece I noticed was the Bubble vase on the table by Jorine oosterhoff who we met along with her husband, the duo also known as Buro jet in the thrid picture.




.. Out of the Blue concept store 

.. Esther van der Sluis



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Tas-ka in The Hague

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

Not sure if you need an introduction ... but will give you a quick one ... Tas-ka is a Dutch design company by Jantien Baas en Hester Worst ...  Tas-ka is the Czech word for handbag and designing handbags is were it began for these two friends ... a breakthrough came with a gorgeous collection fabrics manufactured for their own label. The fabrics are used in children, fashion and home accessories.

A couple of years ago they also opened a brick and mortar shop in the Hague were you can find products from other Dutch designers. I love their style and they way they used simple materials like concrete and chipwood but making the shop truly special .. what do you think?

Oh don't cry if you can't visit .. the ladies have an online shop too!  

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague


Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

(ps. an interview with the ladies from Tas-ka on BKids right here)


.. Tas-ka

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Hay opens in Amsterdam


{photo credit: Souraya at Binti Home}

It really is  a small world ... while having lunch with a new friend yesterday here in Singapore I learned about the new HAY shop in Amsterdam. My friend happens to be very good friends with the owners of Friday Next, also in Amsterdam. You might think what does Friday Next have to do with HAY ... well, they are the founders of the gorgeous and huge HAY shop too. 

Quite impressive what these two creative moms, Esther Blaffert and Paulien de Vries, have accomplished already ... and such an important impact they have on the interior design scene in the Netherlands. 

A lovely lady who used to work at Friday Next has been blogging for Bloesem before and I thought she might be able to help ... and yes indeed Souraya from Binti home ... was lucky to step inside the new HAY just before the crowds arrived and took some awesome images for us ... Enjoy!











Thanks Souraya for sharing your images with us. And if you ever need some interior design styling or photography help or avice just send Souraya an email, you will be in very good hands. You can find her online portfolio right here. 

HAY on Amsterdam
Spuistraat 281 and 
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 326, Amsterdam

.. Binti Home
.. Friday Next
.. HAY


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Foundry in Singapore


Are you ready for visiting another shop with me today? This time we are going to Seah Street in Singapore. Just behind the famous Raffles Hotel and right in the arts and heritage district of Singapore. Here you will find a couple of streets with hidden gems ... like supermama, P5, the best chicken restaurant (I am forgetting the name as I am writing this post) and one of my favorite furniture shops, Foundry.

My friend Marjon Hoogervorst and I visited Foundry a while ago while making a city guide about Singapore. Just by coincidence we met the friendly owner and founder Felix. Marjon had the wonderful idea of making some extra images of one of Felix' own designs 'Loppa' a gorgeous paper lamp.

I recently bought one of the String shelving systems and will come back for other goodies.









Foundry: 3 Seah Street
Unit 01/01
Singapore 188379

All images by Marjon Hoogervorst 

.. Foundry

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Shop stop: SLA in Amsterdam

{photo credit: Teska Overbeeke }

I really noticed during our summer in Amsterdam that 'Amsterdammers' as we call our selves ... have really picked up on the Pure - Slow- and live healthy movement ... fresh markets, shops carrying organic products and now SLA. 

A restaurant serving salads, healthy snacks, juices and soup all in a beautiful surrounding

Nicemakers, Dax Roll and Joyce Urbanus designed this place and I love what they did. Perfect colors, style and ambiance ... very inviting indeed. 

Dutch people are not the best or should I say creative cooks in the world (including me!) but we do know how to make a Salad. During summer and spring and nowadasy even in winter we love to bring a very good salad to the table. 

I don't think Nina Pierson and Jop van de Graaf, founders of SLA, were having traditional Dutch salads in mind when creating SLA ... no I believe they were more intrigued and inspired by the beauty of Hortus Botanicus, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world located in centre of Amsterdam, and rooftop gardens in New York. I am very Happy people like them are bringing more Green to Amsterdam.








Address: Ceintuurbaan 149 Amsterdam

All images via Dutch photographer Teska Overbeeke 

found via Frame

.. i love SLA 


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Pure at Hills & Mills


The leather Handles from Monday brought me to Hills & Mills. A great café / bakery in Delft (one of the smaller but absolutely very beautiful cities from the Netherlands).

Here it's all about PURE .. a word I have came across very often this summer in Amsterdam ... Pure Markets, Pure Restuarants and Pure bakeries like Hills & Mills ...  seems like the Dutch are embracing a new 'honest' way of living. Good! 

Only one mission at Hills & Mills:  'Practicing Happiness' ... and looking at the pictures their food and drinks will do just that :)

And three guidelines  … for everything they do:
1. We build on the pure in the world. Pure people, relationships and products.
2. We do the right in every situation. The right intentions and actions. Also at the right speed, taste and resources.
3. We enjoy that everything and everyone is connected. 

Unfortunately no time for me this year to stop by but definitely a place to ad to my travel tips list. 








All images via the FB page.

.. Hills & Mills

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