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Happy Weekend and follow me on instagram

instagram followgram

I feel it has been a good week at Bloesem and BKids. Many beautiful pictures ... hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. I have also managed to finish a lot of work behind the scenes... but still working on my NY visit report though ... it always takes much longer to prepare these things than initially planned for, and I want to make sure I am not omitting any of  the good stuff from NY in the report…so something to look forward to next week…

But I have taken some snapshots from items I brought home from NY via my new addiction instragram. Such a wonderful tool to quickly show you what I have been up to...

From top to bottom, left to right: beautiful tray from studio Piano Nobili, 2013 linen calendar from Lotta Jansdotter for fog linen work, a Donna Wilson plate, MillerGoodman facemaker, paper flowers from Jurianne Matter, tray from fog linen work, fabric by Karen Barbe, beautiful thread from carta inc. and the city calendar from rifle paper & co... 

Next week, more and better pics from these items in my home.

Have a great weekend for those of you in Asia and further South…Down-Under…and hang in there for all of you in the EU and US…as the weekend is almost upon you too…I am sure it is well-deserved…

Hope to see you back on Monday and don't forget to enter the giveaway from Ink+Wit or this giveaway on BloesemKids: 2 posters from Paola Zakimi to win! 

And do follow me on instagram! ~irene xoxo

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The beautiful kitchen of Emma Persson Lagerberg by Petra Bindel


Last month I saw this kitchen in the Elle deco UK and it blew me away ... I like everything about it. But the mint green color is just superb. I am sure I wouldn't dare do this but now I have seen it I would ... so keeing this pics in my private folder. Marble is already in my home, we have a big marble dining table so that would go well together :)

The home is of Emma Persson Lagerberg, a freelance writer and interior stylist and she often works with Petra Bindel who made these beautiful images. Click here to see more or visit Petra Bindel's website.             [MORE]






 All images by Petra Bindel

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instagramming with Bloesem

Instagram bloesem blogs
It was the lovely Peta from LoveMae, (met her in person last week at the NYIGF) who convinced me I should start instagramming ... first I thougt nnneah ... but her enthousiastic words made me sign up andsuddenly it starts to grow on me and I am even enjoying it very much!

What I like best about using instagram is the fact that it gives me the oppurtunity to share things I like in my own home instantly with you... just a small snapshot is all it takes to give you an impression of my personal stuff, things I am doing during the day and more. 

It is also a bit magical because you mostly see details ... you have to use your imagination to figure out the whole picture :) 

A couple of ways how to follow me if you wish ...

go to the instagram app on your phone and find me at: Bloesem Blogs

Or visit Bloesem Blogs at the Followgram website

or use the rss feed ....

Thanks for the Follow and I hope you will enjoy my pics! ~irene xoxo

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Still live inspiration from Chris Tubbs


I got an email from Chris Tubbs, a London based photographer. Specialising in interiors and stills and it is a pleasure for me showing you my favorites from his online portfolio today. Perhaps it will bring you the same calmness as it did for me.                                     [MORE IMAGES]




..All images by Chris Tubbs

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On Pinterest: 'design and packaging' by Chloé Douglas

ChloeDouglas{1. Lotta Nieminen2. dachshund notepad3. Fogel hosiery 4. Jason Booher5. Strata Bakery 6.Lotta Nieminen stamps }

Chloé Douglas is a Vancouver-based designer, who is not only madly in love with colour she also is an expert and I love her choices for her design and packaging board over at pinterest ...

New colors that inspire me at the moment. Are these colors you would choose too or do you have favor different palettes? 


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Pirates Bay house in Melbourne by Earl Carter


Like I said yesterday I am doing some small re-decoration in our Amsterdam apartment and this house certainly inspires me ... absolutely lOve the bright green above in combination with the wood. It feels so fresh and clean.

I found this amazing home via babyramen and the house is located on the other side of the world ... Melbourne, Australia. Photographer Earl Carter made some great pics and I believe that houses like these are the reason for my love for interior design and architecture so much... not a standard home but an unique home. Not sure if I will ever have the guts to live in such a place ... it probably too mono-tome for me, but I truly enjoy looking at the pictures and admire people who make this planet more interesting with house like these.

More info here over at Arch Daily


    EarlCarter_3   EarlCarter_1   EarlCarter_6  


EarlCarter_3 EarlCarter_6

..Arch Daily

.. All images by Earl Carter

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