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Class Alert : A to Z of web-based video publishing


For a couple of years we have been talking online about how short video's would take over ... but so far not many peope have succeeded in creating good quality web videos (you can find the occasional amazing got-to-share-this-with-a-friend type video on vimeo or youtube) I myself would love to learn how to make such videos. As far as I know, my camera has a video function, so it's really just a matter of how to go about creating the short video, like the actual setting up of the camera, then the post-processing and editing of the clips I have recorded. 

So i'm thrilled Erin (who is coming to Singapore in May to teach two Bloesem classes about blogging and social media) is bringing her emmy-award winning husband, Kenneth, with her to Singapore so he can teach us the basics of web-based video publishing.

Kenneth Loechner is an Emmy-award winning (yes, it deserves being mentioned twice) filmmaker and editor currently living in the Midwest following a successful stint in Los Angeles working to shape the visual stories of internationally-acclaimed clients like Sony, Apple and Lucky Brand Jeans. Always willing to share his piece of the pie, he now teaches fellow creatives how to navigate film and video production to better communicate their passions.


Once you have attended Kenneth's class and are equipped with the basic film making skills, the possibilities will be endless. Whether filming product lookbooks for your shop or family videos for your blog, Ken Loechner will walk you through A to Z of web-based video publishing. Learn the right tools to purchase on a budget, how to produce and shoot your first film and smart tricks of the trade along the way. Designed to be hands-on, engaging and inspired, you'll come away from this 4-hour course ready to get behind the camera and share your point of view with the online world. 

If you currently have a camera setup you love, bring it along! There will be plenty of time for personal attention and personalized tips along the way.

A great class for everyone from students to business owners, videos are a great way to get your ideas and thoughts across. Zara told me that being a recent graduate herself, she remembers many of her classmates making videos for presentations because they were the best way to best represent what was going on in our minds. Actually speaking about your concept says alot, pictures as well, but a video, it can really convince!

(Also, making videos to show during presentations alleviated alot of the nerves we had for public speaking.)

Image Credit: Woodnote Photography

.. Bloesem Classes

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We had some renovations...


We all need some renovation once in a while I had mine when opening the Bloesem Space and typepad did last week ... they were attacked by a hacker which caused both my blogs and many others in the world to be down for almost a week ... all they could do was put some serious kit on their server walls!! And it worked ... we are all live and on our feet again.

We get lots of questions about the displays and furniture in the Bloesem Creative Space. So here's a little about them. There was alot of doing-it-myself, especially for the shelving in the studio. I spotted this bag of small wooden sticks in the art store one fine day and thought they would create an amazing display and create some kind of dimension to otherwise boring planks of wood. A bottle of wood glue, a plank of wood and a few bags of wooden dowels later.. tah dah! We have our one of a kind shelves and wooden displays we use throughout the Bloesem space.

Don't these trays from Fine Little Day look wonderful on them!


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We've got you covered

Bloesem Living | Røros Tweed blankets

Even tough - in my part of the world - spring has kicked in, a super cool blanket is always a yes! Just came across Norwegian brand Røros Tweed and love the diversity of prints and colors on their plaids.. working together with different Scandinavian designers like Anderssen & Voll (also designers for Muuto) makes this happen. Røros Tweed has been around since 1940 and their designs are made of wool from Norwegian sheep.. pure, environmental-friendly and just plain gorgeous! Have a great easter monday! x Christine - House of C

Bloesem Living | Røros Tweed blankets

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Some things we are thankful for this week

Bloesem Living | Bloesem says thank you!

We have officially been tried and tested! We found Pauline of Petite Passport wandering on our side of the world and can't thank her enough for the beautiful post she wrote about the Bloesem space in Tiong Bahru, Singapore.

The last look wall mirror..

Hey there Claire! Thank you Fellow Fellow for helping us spread the word about Bloesem classes! 

These wall mounted candle holders..

What's on? Bloesem class is on Honeycombers that's what. Thank you Honeycombers

Easter is in the air! Chocolates, bunnies and DIYs are abound.

We hear congratulations are in order! Poppytalk will be opening their new retail and workshop space soon! We can't wait to see the finished product, we just know it's going to be just as lovely as the blog.

This sleek range of storage jars .. 

Have a great Easter weekend y'all! Thank you everyone for helping Bloesem spread the word about our new classes, we deeply appreicate it! Also, have you consumed enough chocolate yet? I doubt it, so make sure you head for the fridge once you are done with getting through this post. 

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Mondays Off

Bloesem Living | Shop Stop: Mondays Off in Haji Lane, Singapore

Haji Lane in Singapore has changed massively since the last time I visited and a few weeks back Irene told me about a great shop she had visited there, so of course I had to take my wednesday off and go see it for myself. Well, she was right! Mondays Off is definitely one of my favorites on the street. Leyna, chief dreamer at Mondays Off, actually popped by Bloesem awhile back and it was so great seeing her again.

The store is beautiful both inside and out, don't you agree? That is one beautiful store display!

  Bloesem Living | Shop Stop: Mondays Off in Haji Lane, Singapore

Bloesem Living | Shop Stop: Mondays Off in Haji Lane, Singapore

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Erin is coming to Singapore!!!

Bloesem Class | Erin Loechner in Singapore

Dear All…

You will just have to bear with me while you read through this somewhat lengthy post..., yes, you are right, quite out of character for me to be this longwinded...but there is so much to tell! Where to start…

Often people ask me how it is even possible to make a living writing a blog and I see their jaws drop when I tell them I am actually writing two blogs ... what, how, wait, how do you do that?

Well, I could give you some hints and tips but I feel these questions should really be answered by someone that I believe has truly made it BIG online.

So I invited Erin Loechner who you will know from design for mankind, design for minikind and Clementine Daily to come to Singapore and host a number of Bloesem Classes. And the enthusiastic person she is, she immediately said YES!

Of course, I was thrilled Erin accepted the invitation to come to Asia with her family. It is absolutely fabulous to finally meet her in person; something I have been looking forward to professionally but also to finally meet a very good on-line friend.

Erin and I go way back to 2006 when we first made contact online and we had an instant connection... we exchanged blog posts, sharing the same interests for crafts and arts. Connecting, sharing and making the world we live in smaller was and remains our passion.

Erin is known not only for her blogs but also for the way she communicates with her readers and fellow bloggers... every single email she writes is positive, uplifting and friendly...perhaps this is “Lesson 1” when you want to be succesful online :)

But I’m sure there is so much more we can learn from her! Erin is a highly sought-after conference speaker and her appearances at Alt Summit, Richie Ace Camps and The Hive, have inspired many already and encouraged people to start online ventures of their own. BUT with this Bloesem Class you will get the very rare opportunity to meet Erin in a small group of people, not a big conference but an intimate gathering instead, where all of you will be sitting front row, listening, asking questions, absorbing and, simply, talking to this amazing lady!

I'm absolutely sure you will be mesmerized by her appearance, her words and ideas ...just to give you a little hint of Erin’s own on-line journey...according to her:

"In 2001, I blogged to find myself.
In 2002, I blogged to find people like myself.
In 2003, I blogged to find people unlike myself.
In 2004, I blogged to become a writer.
In 2005, I blogged to avoid therapy.
In 2006, I blogged to research.
In 2007, I blogged because I was obsessed.
In 2008, I blogged to share.
In 2009, I blogged to hide.
In 2010, I blogged to create.
In 2011, I blogged to teach.
In 2012, I am blogging to discover.
In 2013, I traveled the world"

And in 2014...  she is coming to Singapore! So mark your calendar for the week starting [insert] May. Erin will be hosting two different type of classes :


- OR - 


visit the links and find all the details, dates and how to sign up

Erin will be sharing with us her secrets on how to grow an audience, engaging a community and building traffic to your corner of the Internet; if you live on-line, want to start on an on-line venture or just have an interest to learn about the on-line world, you don’t want to miss this opportunity and sign up right away! (or if you don’t live in Singapore but in a neighboring country and don’t want to miss Erin’s classes, please let us help you find a hotel or a place to sleep!).

As said, we only have limited seats available for these classes and we expect demand to be great!
And of course, Bloesem will make sure the ambiance, the food and all other goodies are going to be top notch too!

Bloesem Class | Erin Loechner in Singapore


Bloesem Class | Erin Loechner in Singapore

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