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From Oven to Table with Bosch


For the past few months, the Bloesem Team has been working on a very exciting collaboration with a beloved brand. I've been using Bosch products for years at home and when the opportunity came to work together, of course I was in! In the coming months we will be working together with Bosch for a few very exciting projects and of course you can be along for the ride..

Next week Bloesem will be hosting - a food styling class in Bosch's experience centre in Singapore -. Equipped with all the latest technology and everything you'll need to create a delectable meal, we will be teaching students how they can take their meals from oven to table and take great photos of their handy work.

A few months ago we attended the launch of Bosch's series 8 ovens (you may have seen this on instagram) and we were blown away. I think no other series of ovens has had a more grand welcome party. The event took place in a airplane hanger and the ovens arrived on a plane! There were also presentations with chefs showing us the different functions of the oven. This revolutionary oven might can help anyone make a gourmet meal.. it even has a function that will help you achieve the perfect bake which also means cakes, roasts and many more yumminess to look forward to. Even if you're not one to be found in the kitchen normally, this oven will change your mind.

My team and I can't wait to bake up a storm and create some beautiful imagery with our students next week.. it's going to be hard to resistance eating our subjects before photographing them but we'll try our best so that we can have some great photos at the end before we dig into the meal!




.. Bosch

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Beauty in any language



Bloesem living | Instagrammer of the week @Cotoline

A very captivating but mysterious Instagram account that I've been following for awhile can be found by searching for Cotoline. Everything is in Japanese and there is no description in the bio.. but week after week, day after day, the beautiful images capture me. The images give you a great feeling as mysterious and enjoyable as the whole account is. No complaints here though, hopefully the gorgeous images just keep on coming. Or we can always crack the code with a nifty little tool called Google translate!


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.. Bloesem and Zara S. on instagram

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8 kitchens we wood love to have


No. 1

Nope that's not a spelling error you spotted in the title.. we found one thing in common with all these amazing kitchens and it is their predominantly wooden appearance. With all types of wood and their different exposed grains, you can achieved very different looks to a kitchen space. We spend quite abit of time in the kitchen (especially if you are the food-maker of the household) so getting the kitchen to be just right, beautiful and functional at the same time is very important. Especially if you kitchen is also the place you dine in! 


No. 2

Click here for the full story

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The Ode Cup

Bloesem living | The Ode Cup by Jurianne Matter

In March last year, Jurianne Matter was one of the very first teachers to kick off Bloesem classes. She came all the way to Singapore from the Netherlands and taught us along with many other eager students how we can Decorate Like a Pro! Everything was so fresh and new and it could not have been a better idea to start the classes off with a friend and of course a designer that I admire. We had such a good time and it really marked a great beginning for the classes!

As an extra special present, while she was here, Jurianne gifted me with one of the two prototypes she had made for her line of ceramic cups, the Ode cup! (All images here except for the last one are taken of the prototype.) What an honour to have been able to already see this beauty before anyone else and I was very excited to see what everyone's reaction would be to the finished product. Finally the cups have arrived.. and want to cheers everyone to this gorgeous line of ceramic cups.

After falling head over heels for a teapot she found in Denmark by Jens Harald Quistgaard, Jurianne Matter's designed her latest range of ceramic cups as an ode to one of her favourite designers from the 50s and 60s.

With it's iconic embossed pattern and tapered shape, the Ode cup comes in 4 colours and is the perfect tea time companion, keeping your hot beverage toasty.

We have always been big fans of Jurianne's work with paper and we have as quickly fallen for her tea towels and ceramic cups. She's currently at ShowUP, a tradeshow for home products and gifts.

Is there a better way to honour a design idol than to create something so beautiful to share with the world? 

Bloesem living | The Ode Cup by Jurianne Matter

Click here for the full story

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Link Love

Bloesem living | Friday link love: White and copper at home

Such a refreshing sight to come home to..

Banoffee pie bites with a vegan option.

Shards of mirror.

Multifunctional furniture.. turn a basket into a tray or a cart into a table in no time.

This minimalistic coffee roaster.

A black wall!

Branding and packaging.. always a joy to browse.

Raw kiwi fruit and ginger cheesecake

This vase with a leather accent.. so simple and beautiful.

5 creatives show us the essential tools of their trade.

Xo, The Bloesem team

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Looking closer


Recently artist and graphic designer Silke Bonde released her latest watercolour collection "Looking Closer", an extension of her "Blue Water" collection. As already huge fans of watercolour, we immediately took to her collection and you can't deny it's beauty when you see so many instagrammers across the world style pieces of the collection in their gorgeous homes. Silke herself has a top notch home and we love seeing how she styles her own work within the space. The lines and texture in this series has this calming effect and it's simply perfection!

Her feed is a great mix of her art, interiors and plants - the winning combination..

Oh and of course one of our favourites, Studio Oink did an amazing job of photographing and styling the collection!


.. Follow Silke Bonde on instagram
.. Bloesem and Zara S. on instagram

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