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Our Amsterdam place


Good morning lovely readers I hope you have missed me the last couple of weeks ... I certainly missed you and am super happy to be able to post this morning. I have had a wonderful vacation in Spain with my family and am enjoying some quality time in the Netherlands right now with my friends. 

Luckily for me I can stay in our own Amsterdam apartment which normally is rented out but tenants moved back to their home country and I am currently doing a huge re-decoration/renovation so new tenants can move in after the summer. 

Great to empty out many boxes that were stored about ten years ago when we left this place. I found this huge pile of old wallpapers (1998 - 2003) and was happily surprised with the still sublime-looking covers. I believe back then wallpaper was a bit more trendsetting and new then nowadays but I admire them for being around for such a long time on high-quality level. 

I think I am going to keep them ... still very inspirational.



..wallpaper magazine

All images by me, Irene.

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I Need Your Help



... Who would like to visit Amsterdam in August?

That is possible and you can stay in our Amsterdam apartment, BUT

I would like to visit New York, so you would have to let me stay in your New York city, Manhattan or Brooklyn, house for a week ... 

~ Swap Friend, where are you? ~

Amsterdam apt. - New York apt.

August 17 - 25 

{or if you rather swap with a Singapore apartment, that is possible too}

Please email me if you are interested


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some things I liked last week...


These things in our apartment in Singapore... spending a couple of days here makes me really happy, relaxed and calm. Perhaps it it the white floor, the items i have collected throughout the years or just the fact that we are in this great city.

Shall I tell you what you can see in the pictures... well the little carpet above is a find from a thrift-shop in the Netherlands... i believe 5 euros ... the stool next to it was a 'bit' more expensive. It is from the Established&Sons collection, called the Heidi stool designed by Sebastian Wrong and we bought it at Pomelo here in Singapore, actually we also bought a higher size one in shiny red that you can see in the fourth image... I LOVE them, do you like them? 


In the image above some ceramics from my personal collection, the green pot is made by inkypots a ceramic artist living in Kuala Lumpur and the three oval bowls next to it are a vintage find but I don't know who made them, i bought 6 in total already 12 years ago and still believe they are gorgeous. The bottom image shows my latest tableware collection, also from a thrift-shop in NL. It is Figgjo from Norway, Market - turi design. (more about vintage ceramics right here)

I hope you enjoyed the posts from last week here on Bloesem, perhaps you haven't visited BKids yet but I can assure there were some really nice things to see and discover, like a vacation in Positano, a DIY project for kids and some super cute cuddles ... and you can win a gift card to Hello Bubble.

~ Happy Weekend from me for you, xoxo irene ~

Sg_apt_pomelo   Sg_apt_carpet







All images by me, Irene from Bloesem


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Living in Kuala Lumpur... the Beautiful


Last week I started a small series of posts about Living in Kuala Lumpur...the Good, the Bad and today we do the Beautiful...

Living in Kuala Lumpur is truly a color feast. Not only the colors you see everywhere but also the 'colors' of the many cultures living here... three groups op people make this country, Malaysia so very interesting... the Orang Asli or the Malay, the Chinese and the Indians. Although they live very peaceful and happy together they keep to their own culture, food, habits, religion and festivities. Malaysia probably has the most National Holidays in the world :):) ... no complaints here!


 CHINATOWN Indianstall Eggsgreen


One of my favorites part in town is China town. I love buying supplies here for my small ventures, but also for it's Asian feel. I live in an expat part of town which is nice, but has lost some of its authentic colors already...  when Marjon was here we spend a whole afternoon cruising the little streets of China Town and Marjon captured so beautifully. SImple things are inspiring and when you know how to look you see a lot!

I will not bother you with more words, I hope you will just enjoy these images... come and visit me and this special country one day too :) 





All images by Marjon Hoogervorst

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Anthology Magazine issue 5... and we are featured!


It all started in March of this year when Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst visited me for a short week here in Kuala Lumpur. We met each other via Bloesem and thought why not do something together.... Anh-Minh from Anthology magazine liked the images of my (old) home here in Kuala Lumpur and was super kind to invite me for an interview for their latest issue: Going Global. if you would like to buy a copy then follow this link


I can't tell you how proud I am, Anthology is my absolute favorite magazine. If you see it in real you will know why. It's not just a glossy or a magazine... it is a super balanced and beautifully graphic designed and easy to carry around booklet that will give you reading pleasure over and over again. 

Thank you lovely ladies from Anthology Magazine and of course Marjon for capturing our house in Damansara Heights so nicely. 

Below just some images Marjon also took, but weren't published in Anthology magazine.  




All images by Marjon Hoogervorst of my home in Kuala Lumpur.

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Sneak Preview Singapore apartment


Yeahhhh... I have talked about our Singapore apartment before and I have talked about white floors before... and finally after weeks renovation our apartment is finally finished and I am very very happy with the result. Last weekend my husband and I went together to give our favorite space in the world a good clean and we started to decorate a bit. Hopefully soon I will get some profesional photographers to come and help me take nice pictures of the whole apartment. 

Here is a before the renovation picture, the state in which we bought this place... together with architect Jacqueline Yeo from Ply-Studio we came up with ideas to make this apartment much brighter, wider and open. 


I have always loved plywood so we decided on using this material for all the build-in cabinets. The colors black and white go best with my all my thrift shop purchases and vintage finds I believe.

Hope you like the look and feel. Once I have better and shaper images of the place I will tell you more about the lamps, vases, chairs etc. and where I have found them... all very very cheap, yes that is possible :-)...

Images by me, irene

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