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Some things I liked this week


Take a gander at the Art Nouveau style of this Barcelona apartment..

Saw this on Etsy's instagram.. A planter on the go.. 

Weekend DIY : http://www.poppytalk.com/2014/06/diy-ceramic-copper-wind-chimes.html

Animal bowls.. perfect for accessories and little bits and bobs we have lying around our rooms..

Aptly named the Magical thinking woven wire chair..

Obsessed with the quirky mobiles by Kim Baise..

Travel advice from Design mom ..

on the same note.. here's swiss miss with an efficient t-shirt rolling technique that will be a great skill for packing..

We love seeing Singapore and Bloesem Class from the point of view of our teachers.. This week we have the beautiful (inside and out) and hilarious Gemma and her instagram travel log..

The Bloesem Team is having a blast with Gemma Patford this week, the sweet heart arrived Tuesday morning and has already taught 2 rope vessel making classes and explored a good portion of Singapore. The week is going by too quickly! We are going to miss you Gemma! Xo, The Bloesem Team

P.S will you be coming down to participate in our complimentary Father's Day photobooth? Come on.. do it for Dad.

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Some things I liked this week

Bloesem Living | Link Love: This beautiful Melbourne home

Green is in.. and this Melbourne home is definitely in..

Pink spaces..

For the ones with the green thumbs (or who hope to have them): House Plants watering instructions ..

Feeling floral with this Garden buzz dessert plate ..

DIY wood hexagon coasters..

This Pollock-inspired chocolate is literally a party in your mouth..

Our last class with Erin is tomorrow! How quickly a week went by, at least we learnt alot, now it's just a matter of putting our new skills to the test.

Minimalistic porcelain vases..

If you are in the market for more fun Bloesem classes, here's a rope vessel making one with Gemma Patford!

This one's for the Dads.. Bloesem helps you be Father's Day ready..

We'll be having a Father's Day special at the Bloesem store this Sunday.. don't want to reveal too much but there will definitely be some photobooth fun! We are crafting crazily for this weekend and hopefully we have alot of beautiful family fun to share next week. Cheers, Irene + Zara

Bloesem Living | Link Love: This beautiful Melbourne home

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Somethings I liked this week

Bloesem Living | Some things we liked this week

It's as easy as ply! (For more plywood, this way to the Bloesem apartment..)

Water purification at it's chicest..

this amazing Tottenham loft has been on my mind..

a very blue table setting.. Foodies this way please..

these copper vases just look better with time..

Grid is so on trend, makes sense that it looks amazing as a store interior.

this low wire storage unit from Loaf..

Love stumbling on blogs through pinterest.. Found Peeta's Raw design blog..

Erin, Ken and Bee (their adorable daughter) have arrived! Still some planning and class detail settling to be done but we are sure it's going to be a fun week with them at Bloesem. If you are interested in upping your social media, blogging or film making game then we welcome you to join us in class! Cheers, Irene + Zara.


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Somethings I liked this week


I need to make these too!!

Rubyellen Rratcher is our next teacher in our all star lineup! She'll be teaching a Bloesem class on Felt flower making. You can sign up for class here or read more about her and the class over here

We love our Bloesem customers.. We met Victoria when we first opened and she popped by again this last week. Always great to meet new people with similar interests.. Plus she wrote this great blog post about us. Thank you!

More to come next week: My juniors from NUS division of Industrial design will be having their graduation show  from the 23rd of May to the 25th and I will be telling you why you should go check it out. 

This looks like a super fun weekend activity for you and your best friend.. knitting with supersized needles.. 

Grace gives us the scoop on BKLYN Designs 2014.. 

To selfie or not to selfie.. that is question that Clementine Daily is discussing.

(Did you know Erin Loechner of Clementine Daily and Design for Mankind is coming to teach a 2 Bloesem classes? A class on social media and another about blogging. But of course you knew that already;)

A great diy to get the husbands involved with over the weekend.

Fashion meets interiors.. The Olsen twins and The Row Flagship store.. 

Will you be heading to Blueprint this weekend?

Lisette has arrived! Our screenprinting guru was in the Bloesem studio yesterday and we are pumped for this weekend of classes. Not forgetting some of her new stationery she brought along, you'll be able to see them on Bloesem.co very soon. Xo, Irene + Zara

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Some things I liked this week

Bloesem Class | Screen Printing in Bloesem, Singapore, 17 and 18th May 2014

Not to be missed: Last few spots to join us for our screen printing workshop!

For all the lovely long haired ladies..

Garden gift tags, doesn't matter if you have a green thumb or not.

For those of you that can't get enough of coffee..

Show the most important ladies in our lives that we appreciate and love them this Mother's Day.

For the love of shibori..

3D printing makeup is now a reality! Grace you are an inspiration.

Heads up, we are having yet another giveaway! We just love giveaways!

Summer home insipiration is appropriate for this time of the year.

Thought provoking: How we define ourselves as creatives.

I'm kinda tech geek, i get excited when i find out new things about my iphone

 Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there! It's your day, make sure you get breakfast in bed and you get control of the tv remote today. Mothers are selfless and loving and if you haven't showed your mother how much you love her, this Sunday is the perfect day to start! Write your mom a card, or better yet a song. Then sing it to her, even if it sounds terrible we know she's going to love it. Have a great weekend everyone :)     Xo, Irene + Zara

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Somethings I liked this week

Props for now and then_800

(Image Elodie Bellegarde)

In the mood for food? We sure are, and have been since this amazing lunch a few days ago. These are the Bloesem Classes happening over the weekend: We will be learning food styling from the best!

Instagram is the key to discovering amazing designs/designers like this.

Is it just me or are mushroom cleaning brushes a thing? They look adorable though.

.. Black/white/wood/grid - amazing.

This mug reminds me of chocolate sprinkles, what's not to love.

Genius DIY project with beautiful results: Packing Tape transfer

The White Shirt according to COS x NENDO.

Chapterfriday teaches us how to google like a pro. #lifeskills

More houses we wished were ours..

We anticipate a slightly crazy fun weekend with the Bloesem Team and our food styling teacher Elodie, we'll share how the class went soon but if you want to see how it's going #bloesemclass on instagram is probably the best place to look. 

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