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NU and a Leather Handle


Do you also like this Leather Handle? Ladies, Nathalie Fransen and Tessa Weerdenburg from Nu interieur|ontwerp designed it and they told me they sold like hot cookies... luckily for you new stock has arrived in their online shop

Some great images below in this post




All images by Nu interieur|ontwerp


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Gift Guide 2011 : Gifts for the Kitchen


Perhaps my favorite category... the Kitchen ... not that I am a good cook or that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I do not :) ... but I do like all the kitchen accessories out there and these are my favorites for this year. Hope you will find a nice present too...

Bloesem Gift Guide 2011

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Sponsor Spotlight : bee things


I already bought some of their amazing prints, particularly this one is a favorite of mine, but now husband and wife team Shay and Jeff also added marvellous tea towels to their collection. Yes I'm talking about Bee-things. The print and graphic design studio from Dallas who are known for their design and beautiful bird illustrations. Shay and Jeff are passionate about their work and always wanting to make people around the world happy, they work together giving birth to amazing pieces of artwork. A perfect marriage of colors I would say :)


The tea towles are available here in the etsy shop and from what I understand theyr are big, soft and made of 100% cotton. I'm picking the Swan, what about you? More info about bee thing at their website or blog... shopping you can do right here.


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Just some Tea Towels I like...


{image above: First kiss tea towels by zakka nouveau

After waiting for the longest time we finally got news about the keys for our apartment in Singapore, 'no' we are not moving... due to work related things for my husband we decided to buy a small apartment in that fantastic city and I can finally start packing all the things I have been collecting over the last six months including some tea towels for our new kitchen... here are some towels that i really like, not in my collection 'yet' :)...


Outer Space Tea Towel by Leah Duncan...

Colleen Pigeontoe Mengsel Teatowels SkinnylaminxRetro-green-enamel-teapot


When Life Hands You Lemons Tea Towel by Dear Colleen...


Facade and Flip Tea Towel at pigeon toe ceramics...


Retro style Roosters tea towel from Mengsel...


Lotta Kulhorn Pears Tea Towel and Pryldesign Clover Tea Towel by Julia Nielsen and Caroline Byh at Huset...


And last but cetainly not least  these from dear Heather aka Skinny Laminx, who gave me the Tea Towel virus already some years ago and I have her collection almost complete, but these two are still missing...but that won't take much longer.. 


and with all these towels I couldn't resist showing you this vintage enamel tea pot too :)

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I Love these tiles from Made a Mano



While visiting Norwegian blog, design-shimmer my eye immediately fell on these pictures showcasing the amazing ceramic tiles from the company Made a Mano, which was founded in 2001 by Rosario Parrinello, NanaKi Bonfils and Josephine Aquama Hoffmeyer. Their ambition was: "to create a collection of tiles, counter-tops and sinks, combining ancient traditional handicraft with modern techniques. Revealing a sure sense of beauty and style."...well they succeeded don't you think?


I absolutely love seeing them on the floor and on the walls and totally makes me re-consider using 'tiles' as decoration for flooring and kitchen walls.... it beautifully brings back the old-style kitchens and gives character to any house....love love for Made a Mano


Dealerlist here and online cataloque here... enjoy!

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Bloesem’s Joy & Good Tidings Gift Guide 2010: The Kitchen


Happy to share the second categroy for the Bloesem Gift Guide 2010...today ideas for the Kitchen ...hope you find my tips useful :)

Many more categories to come during the coming weeks...stay tuned...

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