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Sponsor spotlight : Coatt, morse code necklaces


Ever wondered how it would be to keep others wondering what is the hidden message that you are carrying? I have said it before but no harm in repeating myself... I really LOVE these  morse code necklaces by Coatt. It makes the perfect gift I believe for any female friend or sibbling in your life. 


Just pick a metal Silver, Gold fill or a 14k Gold with colorful strings and create a personality of your own. All the necklaces by Coatt are custom made and are created according to what you want. Like words, names, phrases... have a look here and see which one you would like. {...just a little note: if you were to buy the SOS coded necklace 60% will be donated to the MSF USA’s relief efforts in Japan throughout this year} 


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Sponsor Spotlight : Eme Eme


EmeEme has been designing and making jewelry for the longest time and ever since she discovered etsy she thought it would be wise to open her shop and show her wonderful designs to the world... which has been a very smart idea. My favorite is and has always been the fabric flower brooch


Maria is an architect by profession and works in her own office with two business partners. I love it how Maria has turned her hobby into a business ... you can find her necklaces, brooches and earrings right here... 


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Bloesem Kids Wear Neon


Together with my dear friend Vivien I opened an online shop!

Read all about it right here...

Buy buy buy right here!


BIG Thank You to my dear friend and amazing photographer An Van Daele who helped us with the photography. You can find her portfolio right here and her blog here

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Guest today: Anna from the Yellow Umbrella about Geometric Necklaces

{Image left: Color angles necklace from Janelle (Jewiseha) | Right: Laser cut walnut triangle necklace from Miju and You}

**Guest post by Anna Denise

I was never much into math in high school or university, but they made me take it of course and I think I didn’t do too bad in the end. Although I don’t seem to remember a single thing from those classes, I am sure applied math must have been my favorite. Applied to jewelry, that is. Check out these geometric beauties I found for you.

Left: Brass triangle necklace by Nomoikoru | Right: Paired hexagons necklace by Locallibrary

I love these native American inspired necklaces because they’re so colorful and ‘different’. I am pretty sure they will cheer up any boring old outfit and start many a conversation. 

I am SO glad brass seems to be back on the menu for now. I love the industrial look of it and when it’s shaped delicately like these two necklaces above, it instantly turns into the perfect accessory to wear with jeans and a frilly shirt.

Left: Brass and vintage sequins necklace by DinosaurToes | Right: Triangular lace necklace by Spinthread

So, I hate to be the one to draw conclusions hastily, or make generalizations of any kind, but I think these sweet, girly geometric necklaces show girls can totally be good at math and still be cute. I am sure I could have been good at math. If I wanted to. (I think my old-school feminist mom might hang me for this remark, she studied math but was never able to teach me. She does like pretty necklaces, though).

That’s it! Have you come across any great geometrical necklaces lately, now that they seem to be in style? 


Thank you Anna Denise from the Yellow Umbrella for writing this post for us.



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Amazing handmade jewelry from Goldenink


Two artists, Katherine Wheeler and  Abby Seymour are Goldenink and together they create pieces that are hand crafted, painted and fired in their very own kiln. No mass production, casting or transfers are used. 

...And I love love love all the pieces, the ring and bracelet in the top is my absolute favorite because of the soft warm colors and the fragile illustration...wow these ladies have come up with a great and totally new to me looking collection of jewelry. The Blue from below is so fresh ...ready for summer and spring!... the shop is right here...



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Sponsor Spotlight : Anne Louise


Ann Louise is a new sponsor of Bloesem and although this label is mainly about handmade jewelry I couldn't resist showing you some other work from German artist Antje...namely her 'kesser kasten' not sure what the proper English translation is, but Antje makes super fun art pieces for your wall out of old drawers, but like I said  in her etsy shop you will mainly find her jewelry made out of different buttons, beads and gems, fabrics and fibers, and other small treasures that she collected during her travels around the world.... visiting Antje's blog will tell you a bit more about her life... 



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