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Sponsor Spotlight: Maldonado


{1. Green Discs 2. Personalized Initial Ring 3. Small Seeds Bracelet 4. White Circle Cufflinks 5. Small Cylinder Earrings 6. Triangles Pendant}

Maldonado is a handmade jewelry shop, where contemporary meets geometric, and fun designs. Each piece is handcrafted using silver, and from what I can tell none are exactly the same. Maldonado has a large variety of pieces to choose from, such as earrings, rings, cufflinks to bookmarks, or brooches

Omar Maldonado is the craftsman behind Maldonado jewelry, and he is located in Argentina. He started out using metals and wood, but decided to try his hand at silver, and today it is his medium of choice. You can learn more about him, and see pictures of his studio here. - Sponsor Spotlight


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Sponsor Spotlight: Rand Papele Jewelry


{1. Vintage Travel Pennant 2. Points Bracelet 3. Initial Ribbon Necklace 4. Guide Necklace 5. Mushroom Necklace 6. Chevron Earrings}

Just had a lovely time visiting Rand Papele, each of their pieces of jewelry have such a delicate shape about them, though often their edges are sharp. Their Spring and Summer 2012 collection is what I have mainly featured above and it is called, "The Archer" which is a perfect name, because not only are many of the shapes arrow like, but it feels medieval, and romantic.

Rand Papele was created by Eben Papele and Judith Rand who make all their lovely pieces in a peaceful town north of New York City. You can see which retailers are stocking their products here, and glimpses of their studio, and how they create their jewelry here. - Sponsor Spotlight

..Rand Papele

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Giveaway: a custom package from Puur Anders


Welcome Puur Anders, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: a custom package that contains a silver necklace with a leaf pendant, and a custom made notebook printed with your own photograph from Puur Anders.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, where do you think the Puur Anders collection should be featured (this could be an online magazine, blog...ect)?


Miranda van Dijk is the creator behind Puur Anders. Everything is handmade by her on fabric that has been printed with an old photograph. Miranda loves to make up short stories, especially about the relationship between nature and humankind. You can read her short stories and what inspires her - on her blog.

..Puur Anders

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Mimi K, congratulations! If you didn't win this giveaway - do not fret because another one is happening right now.

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Sponsor Spotlight: Emeeme


There are some lovely spring colors and creations happening over at emeeme. Have you seen them? You can find the fuchsia palm leaves necklace here, and the fabric flower bracelet here (both are pictures above).


You can find the vintage brass cube necklace here, and ceramic beads bracelet here (pictured above). Maria, the creator of emeeme is from Madrid, and she produces all of her jewelry by hand. She started emeeme by making jewelry for herself many years ago, and hasn't stopped since. - Sponsor Spotlight


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final sale BKids Wear Neon collection


~ Only one more Week and then we are closing down the shop - 60% discount on the whole BKids Wear Neon Collection - just use the code: BLOESEM when checking out ~

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Wear Neon SALE


One year ago I announced this project: BKids Wear Neon. A collaboration with my dear friend Vivien, whom at the time was working for Bloesem too, but her plans have changed BIG time she is moving to Paris but before she and her family are going on a trip around the world!!

Yes that is right a world trip... I'm going to miss her so much, the good news is that I can visit her soon in the beautiful city of Paris.

We enjoyed creating and designing the BKids Wear Neon necklaces. Our trips to the markets to buy the svarovski stones and neon threads. Making them together and having a real photo-shoot with our four kids.

Many of you placed orders and we are very thankful for that, perhaps mostly we regard it as a compliment that you like our necklaces and with that our idea.

But is is time to close the shop and offer you our final necklaces at  a big discount of course... 50% on the entire collection. Just enter the Code: BLOESEM when checking out.

Most of the necklaces are for kids, but we also have some Mom-daughter sets which you may like for the summer. I'm very happy to see the NEON trend is still alive ... so add some color to your spring or summer outfit with one of our necklaces that come with a 9.5 sterling silver closing. 



..BKids Wear Neon



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