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on Pinterest: collections by Madison Fraine


{1. cake pans 2. vintage Kushi from Japan 3. chairs by Martien Mulder 4. the selby 5. glasses 6. tea bags vintage}

I am a collector of the worst kind according to my dear husband. Sometimes I feel a fool doing this but when looking at images Madison Fraine 'collected' on her pinterest board I don't feel crazy any longer , but enjoy how other people cherish things and keep neatly organized just like me. 

To give you an idea of the things I like to collect ... here some snapshots that I often share on instagram. I can honestly say that I am addicted to vintage ceramics ... can't stay away from wooden spoons, have piles of fabrics, love old toys and always buy lamps when I see them. 

What about you... you love to collect too? 



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Mother's day Gift Tags from Bloesem for you


My sons came home today from school with self-made presents for Sunday ... Mothers Day that is ... the excitement on their faces and happiness to surprise me made me feel very special as a mom.

But I am still a 'daughter' too and feel very lucky to have my mom with me here in Singapore at the moment ... so in honor of my mom and my love for her I made these tags for her presents... something self-made too :) 

If you haven't had time yet to make something and want to use these tags too, please feel absolutely free by downloading the template  .... and print the files. 

Wish you a very lovely weekend and hope to see you back on Monday. ~irene xoxo






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DIY: new upholstery for my chairs


Today I would like to share a personal project with you that I finished last week. Two chairs that I bought a long time ago while living in Toronto ... vintage chairs in a beautiful shop on Queen street, not sure if the shop is still there? 

I never really liked the upholstery but last year I bought a whole roll of this retro fabric for only 6 euros and although I first imagined them as curtains in a perfectly white bedroom I decided to use them for these chairs instead.

The bedrooms here in our new Singapore apartment are a bit brownish already with all the wood used for the cupboards and floors so it was better to use white and light curtains instead. Not sure what I will do with the remaining fabric though :)

Upholstering chairs like these is actually quite easy. Just make sure you have the right stapler (you can buy in all the craft and hardware stores). Make sure you follow the patterns of the fabrics and stretch the fabric not too hard but strong enough so it doesn't wrinkle on the top. Corners are always a bit tricky but just experiment a bit and pretend you are wrapping a gift.

Good luck! ~irene xoxo







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Coffee, magazines and some marimekko ...


My mom and stepdad arrived last week and it is just so wonderful to be with them! Not to mention how happy I was with my new 'toys' from the Nethrlands :) ...perfect material for a good weekend!

Magazines: Linda, Red and Elle decoration - creamy lotion from Embryolisse, more marimekko plates and napkins and a nespresso machine ... loving the colors of these cups. 

During the weekend I'm going to show my mom my favorite spots around town, will bring my camera and try to capture some things for you too ... most likely I will post them on my instagram feed

When seeing the chinese white lanterns in one of the series in Elle decoration I again fell in love with them ... beautiful how they are stacked together here on top of the yellow stove.

I hope you are in for a nice weekend too! Love to hear what you are going to do and wish you a very good weekend! ~ irene xoxo







ps. not sure about the coffee yet .. but very sure about the colors!

All images by Irene Hoofs from Bloesem

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Goodbye Kuala Lumpur - Hello Singapore

{I Dream poster by Anna Emilia}

Lovely readers… I feel I have not let you in on some, very exciting news I think…it has been so hectic these last couple of weeks or months actually that I really only now find the time to tell you more about this… in short – after having lived in KL for almost six years, we moved to Singapore – we only arrived last week so I consider myself lucky I have my internet connection sorted (almost…). Our move to Singapore fills me with both excitement and, I must admit, some sadness. Exciting because my new home-town is absolutely buzzing with creative vibes and is home to many of my online friends. It has beautiful architecture, is clean and provides for a safe environment for my two (three...) Boys. 

I feel sad to leave behind the many good friends I’ve made in KL over the years – local, international or some combination of both – KL is a true melting pot of cultures and people which is what I love so much about that city. In addition to the amazing food and shop culture. In the past, our moves were always instigated by my husband finding yet again a job in an ‘exotic’ place, but this time, truth be told, I was the one that told my husband that we should move. Why you might think? Well, personally, I have started to feel increasingly unsafe in KL. And this not a ‘posh high maintenance expat mom’ complaining, but a genuine concern about safety is widely felt by locals and internationals alike. This sense of not being safe creeps up on you – first, you are not really aware of it but then you are suddenly overwhelmed by it when you find yourself discussing with friends (attempted) child abductions, violent break-ins, bag snatching and carjacking more or less routinely.

The British school my boys attended doubled and then seemed to have tripled the number of guards at the school gates after a Dutch boy who attended an American school was kidnapped (and later released unharmed). This case made the news, but there are many cases of child abductions (some that don’t end well) of local kids that do not make the headlines. Similarly, our gated community started to feel more like a prison – with my friends joking whether the dozens of guards were meant to keep the residents in or the bad guys out. Especially females and kids are vulnerable – all of my female friends have drivers that double – in their own words – as body guards. KL was not like this when we arrived there almost six years ago – and my friends who have lived there all their lives or much longer than we have, assure me that KL, while rough around the edges perhaps, was a friendly and safe place.

Then, very unfortunately, the risk of harm to me and my family hit very close to home – I will spare you the details but suffice to say that I and my boys have been threatened and stalked. This can happen everywhere of course, but to me that was it – I knew we had to move.  Constantly being on guard when walking around on the streets and not even daring going out by myself at night. Just simple things that I have always taken for granted, such as going to a shopping mall with my kids and doing some groceries started to feel uncomfortable and unsafe.  

Of course, this is my personal experience, and I am sure there will be Malaysians and expats that disagree wholly or partly with me. The fact is that this is indeed my experience – a bad one, among the many good experiences that I have had living in Malaysia. And just like the positive ones I wanted to share this with you in the most balanced and transparent way possible.

I always told my husband that I would follow him everywhere around the globe, but that I would never live in a place where I felt my children would be unsafe. I don’t want to be naïve as I know there are many places in this world that are unsafe, especially for kids, and many of the people that are affected by those circumstances cannot simply pack up and leave – so, yes, I consider myself very fortunate that we were able to move to Singapore. 

I do feel sad to have left Malaysia…a beautiful country with a friendly and diverse people. But I will cherish many fond memories of our time in KL, although I wish I could have moved for more positive reasons. 

So Hello Singapore! Excited and thrilled that we can start a new phase in our life. I will be sharing with you all the great things this city has to offer…starting this week with insights on local design and interesting places to visit... 



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NewsLoop from Singapore


I am happy to announce to be part of the wonderful NewsLoop app from Singapore's Singtel and I like to say Hello to all the Singaporeans who are already enjoying this app and would like to welcome all of you who like to be in the loop of what is happening in the world. Special thanks to the lovely Samantha who invited me.

..NewsLoop app


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