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Download Free Holiday Season Wrapping Paper


It's that time of the year again here at Bloesem ... we are offcially starting the Holiday Season ... meaning lot's and lot's of gift ideas will be coming your way. Perhaps you remember last years Gift Guide with the beautiful banner designed especially for Bloesem by Jessica Nielsen well this year we are doing it a bit differently ...

Jessica created two wrapping papers for you to download for free ... 
Snowmans and Presents .... which one do you like best or are you going to use them both too? Perhaps a nice idea: download the templates to your desktop and your local copy shop to print it in A3 size. 

Tomorrow we will also start sharing with you a 'Gift of the Day' every weekday... this can be something for your home, an accessory, a gadget or else ... all the way up to Christmas. So many nice gift ideas choosen by us will be popping up on the Bloesem blogs. 


Free download Trees and Packagesbloesem-wrap
Free download SnowmanBKids-wrap

Thank you Jessica Nielsen
ps. riboons are from Carta inc.

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Halloween ideas


{1. DIY spider treats 2. orange candy buffet 3. cupcake 4. invites  5. DIY labels}

Halloween is just around the corner. Even though I wont be walking the streets for candy here in KL but I’m always up for a themed party. I’ve collaborated a board of some of the things I would love to have at my ‘Not So Spooky Halloween Party’. Basically simple ideas made out of things you can easily find everyday. I think its fun to play with colors in this case black and orange. I would definitely have that table full of orange candy, and try my best to bake that cupcake. Since I love paper, a simple do it yourself printed invitation is perfect to invite your friends with. What do you think? ~Sufiya

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Happy Easter


I hope you enjoyed all the posts last week here on Bloesem and  perhaps even on B:Kids

We are treating ourselves on a long weekend… to celebrate Easter, eat some chocolate and egggggssss of course … hope you will do the same.
We would like to wish you a Happy Easter Weekend and hope to see you back next week on Tuesday ~ irene xoxo


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Almost April


You can find these here and here.

Like I mentioned on Bloesem Kids, Easter is just around the corner. Since I don't have children yet, sometimes Easter can feel rather boring. I mean Easter egg hunts are the best, and it isn't as fun when my husband and I do it...and don't get me started on what happens if we include our bulldog's. With that said, to keep my Easter spirits high - I thought it might be fun to put together some adult focused Easter items. - Tiffany King


You can find these here and here.


You can find these here and here.


You can find these here and here.


You can find these here and here.


You can find these here and here.


Happy Easter!

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New year resolutions from Stylecookie


Some visual New Year resolutions  ... love them, creative eye-candy images by Maria Stijger and Styling by Wenda Torenbosch for the ever amazing, happy, fun and beautiful Stylecookie shop. (Can I tell you a little secret: during my visit to Amsterdam I met the lovely ladies behind StyleCookie and to our big surprise we found out that the three of us are from the same small city/village in the Netherlands... 


Healthy food...

Wxcercise Admin Lesstv


More exercise...


Doing admin...


Less tv...

All images by Maria Stijger and Styling by Wenda Torenbosch for StyleCookie

All products in the images are available in Stylecookie online shop right here...

Happy New Year Anke & Sanne xx


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I wish you a Merry Christmas


I feel like being in a constant Christmas mood since I arrived here in the Netherlands... cozy evenings with family and friends and seeing my kids enjoying every bit of it makes me very happy. And on top of this it was really fun to visit shops here in the Netherlands like Gosto design and lifestyle in Blaricum, a village in the middle part of the Netherlands.

A portugese lady called Sonia is the owner of Gosto and I could not have asked for a nicer and more appropriate way to end this year then visiting this shop were I could see with my own eyes and feel with my own hands many of the products that I have loved writing about in 2011.


Sonia told me that she is still hoping more and more people understand and buy these products that we in blogland all love. So if you are in the neighborhood of Blaricum don't forget to visit this super nice shop or visit the online shop.


Merry Christmas to everyone...

peace, love, happiness and health is what I wish for all of you...

irene xoxo


ps. and if you would like to see how all these great products look like in an actual house just ask Sonia for the little catelogue she made of her own home ... 

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