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Orphan Socks

Bloesem Living | Orphan socks

{1. equilateral nails  2. brass pot stand 3. soki silhouettes necklace 4. book darts }

Today we shine the light on Orphan Socks. This brilliant website is an eclectic mix of items. It's Amsterdam-based and collects and sells unique and personal designs. 

Orphan Socks stands for exceptional ordinariness for simple design, but not without an air of cool elegance. They sell a balanced blend of modest and accessible design where craftsmanship and small brands are more important than transient trends and established names.

The site along with its products, give me the vibe of a really upscale flea market. Let me explain! It has this sense of mystery and excitement, like I am not going to expect what great finds are hidden within! Also I like how the designs are really different and "less mainstream" in "hipster talk". All in all, the experience of browsing through their site is more like a treasure hunt and less of a tab-opening-and-immediate-closing process i usually go through when online shopping.

If you are still wondering how they got their name...

"In the meanwhile we love big city urban life but can also smile about small domestic phenomena like that one sock piece in your laundry ..."

Bloesem Living | Orphan socks

{5. brass toolholder 6. to-mo-ni wrapwrap 7. concrete shaving set }


.. Orphan Socks



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Mother's day Gift Tags from Bloesem for you


My sons came home today from school with self-made presents for Sunday ... Mothers Day that is ... the excitement on their faces and happiness to surprise me made me feel very special as a mom.

But I am still a 'daughter' too and feel very lucky to have my mom with me here in Singapore at the moment ... so in honor of my mom and my love for her I made these tags for her presents... something self-made too :) 

If you haven't had time yet to make something and want to use these tags too, please feel absolutely free by downloading the template  .... and print the files. 

Wish you a very lovely weekend and hope to see you back on Monday. ~irene xoxo






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Etsy Gift Guide for the Office

Bliving_collage_office_new{1. Wanduhr Bunte Zeiten by liebelu; 2. Porcelain milk bottle minis by urbancartel; 3. Desktop Zen Garden by Karolinfelixdream; 4. Mr. Fox notebook by MosseryCo; 5. Ma'am Step Away From the Computer print by LaFarme.}

I once read somewhere that it’s good to have the color green in your workspace — it’s relaxing, but keeps the mind fresh and ready to work. A funny poster to brighten you up on a stressful day is always welcome, too. ~Irene

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Etsy Gift Guide for the Bedroom

Living_collage_bedroom_NEW{1. Kisses good night pillow by ColetteBream; 2. Brass himmeli air plant holder by AMradio; 3. Parfume hangers by mikodesign; 4. Twister cushion by roddyandginger; 5. Moth paper lamp Moth by nellianna.}

Hello everyone, hope you're having a great Monday so far. Bloesem was invited to be a part of the Etsy Gift Guide. Here's Irene's pick for for the bedroom.

The bedroom should make you feel fresh in the morning and relaxing at night. Choose a soft-colored light for reading books and some cute perfumed hangers to make it extra cozy.~Irene

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Etsy Gift Guide for the Kitchen

{1. Fabric drink coasters by project129; 2. Teapot by Ninainvorm; 3. Kitchen conversions art print by SweetFineDay; 4. Confettis tray by oelwein; 5. Hanova vintage enamel bowl by MonkiVintage.}

Another part of our selection we did for the Etsy blog ... Kitchen accessories are always fun to shop for, whether they’re vintage or new. I love mixing and matching with different colors and prints, like this confetti tray and teapot.~ Irene

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Etsy Gift Guide

Bliving_collage_entrance_New{1. Linen cushion covers by HelloMilky; 2. Zip pouch in coral by SlideSideways; 3. Whales canvas poster by ARMINHO; 4. Cardboard cuckoo clock by seequin; 5. Twiggy hooks by StudioLiscious.}

Last week Bloesem was invited by Etsy to do a Gift Guide for some Christmas shopping inspiration. Thank you Etsy we had a lot of fun putting them together. If you missed their post, you can still find it in thier blog here. Not to worry we will be updating them too here on Bloesem.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make the most out of your entrance; guests will feel more comfortable walking into a home that welcomes them. Little details here and there make all the difference, like twiggy hooks by the door to hang jackets and coats.~Irene

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