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Christmas week on Bloesem


Good-morning, after a super fun day yesterday where we were celebrated the Dutch tradition Sinterklaas it is time to start focusing on the Christmas decoration in our house. It's not easy to feel the real spirit when living in a tropical land...but images like these from Pia do help :) ...I can't believe Amsterdam looked liked this last weekend... almost like a fairy-tale. 

This whole week Christmas will be on my mind and I'm inviting you to send me images of Christmas decoration in your home...the ones we like best will be shown here on Bloesem throughout the coming weeks! Don't be shy ...we love to see your decorations and ideas!


The wonderful 2D Wall Christmas tree above is from Tanja Soeter, she made it from braided metal wire on a steel frame and is excellent for smaller spaces. I love the idea of hanging it above the dining table, put special messages in it and play with during Christmas diner!

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Rue Magazine


Yes the world is changing or is it just that I'm getting older?...although I'm spending a lot of my time in the online world too and perhaps know a bit more than many others my age about internet, social networks etc. and yes I do have an ipad and iphone and yes I tweet...but let me be honest I am really having a hard time keeping up with all these wonderful new developments that are constantly going on online...for instance this online magazine/glossy....will there really be no need anymore in the future to go to a kiosk and buy a lot of paper but just scroll on your ipad in gorgeous magazines like Rue Magazine


Co-Founder and editor in chief Chrystal from plushpalate has done an amazing job in creating already issue 2 of this very glamourous and lady-like magazine...of course she had Help: Anne Sage, Bri Emery and Cassandra Lavalle among others were the creative brains, I'm deeply impressed!...this probably is going to be 'the' trend-setting and leading online magazine and the magazine is endless...keeps on going, 296 pages!! My absolute favorite part was the Jingle Girl Rock Christmas party (page 138)...loved the styling, idea and these Girls with the glasses...enjoy! {Images by Feather Love Photography}


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Alice's DIY handmade origami Christmas decorations ...
AliceOrigami wreaths are very easy to make and involve nothing more than some scissors and scraps of paper. I re-used some magazines, catalogues, old maps, and old wrapping paper. A nice little task to do when watching all those Christmas movies!
I got my instructions from the excellent step by step tutorial here :: There are also a lot more designs; I found a useful page here:
To summarise this is the method that I used:
1. Cut out eight rectangular pieces of paper that are half as wide as they are long. So in this instance I used paper 4cm by 8cm.
2. Fold each piece once in half along the length.
3. With the folded edges uppermost fold the top left and right corners down at right angles.
4. Then fold the piece in half across the width so that the flaps of the folded corners are inside.
5. Now you are left with a square end and a pointed end. The top of the square end has two pockets. Take each piece and poke the pointed ends into the pockets of another.
When you have linked all eight together you will have your wreath.

* * * Peapods

* * * Alice her beautiful blog

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Stephanie Levy's Advent Wreath and Centrepiece
*Advent Wreath
I started making an advent wreath each year after moving to Europe. In Germany, one candle is lit on each Advent Sunday until Christmas. Traditionally, family and friends gather together to enjoy cookies, cakes, gingerbread, and hot mulled wine or tea by candlelight on each of these Sundays to celebrate the holiday season. The atmosphere of the candles combined with the spicy Christmas delicacies is something special! People create all sorts of advent wreaths in different styles and colors. Feel free to use your imagination! To make this year's advent wreath, I used :
* a purchased wreath of fresh greenery  (These are easy to find at florist's shops here in Germany during Advent season, but of course you could make one yourself if you are so inclined.)
* mini glass ornaments, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, star anise, red lacquered berries, candle holders, florist's pins, florist's wire, wreath candle holders, and long-lasting handmade Danish candles (All items available at a florist or craft shop.)
* to assemble : First, I added the candles in their holders to the wreath. I wrapped the cinnamon sticks in little bundles with thin florist's wire, as well as the orange slices and star anise to make them easier to attach with the florist's pins. The mini ornaments and red berries were already attached to wire, making them easy to press into the wreath. It is a good idea to place the finished wreath on a large ceramic or metal plate or platter for safety reasons because of the burning candles.
Light a candle, turn on your favorite Christmas music, make your favorite hot beverage, get out the spice cookies or cake, and enjoy :)
* Centerpieces
To make your holiday table more festive, it is nice to have a centerpiece with candles. These also create a cozy atmosphere in a windowsill or a side table. I have created a more traditional centerpiece and a more modern, glitzy one. Both are fast and simple, and only take a few minutes to assemble.
For the traditional Centerpiece I used:
* 4 red candles in different sizes, a platter covered in gold leaf, mini pine cones, mini red Christmas ornaments, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices
* Arrange candles and decoration on your platter as you wish, light your candles, and you have instant glow!

* * * Stephanie Levy
* * * Stephanie Levy's blog
* * * Stephanie Levy's shop


Stephanie would like to offer a 20% discount on all prints in her new collection through Dec. 24th to all Bloesem readers. Just write "Bloesem prints" in the message box at checkout, and she will refund the discount.

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Art School Girl

I love these Deer And Bird Ornaments by Art School Girl which the lovely Kelly from Little Paper Planes told me about. They are letterpresed and die-cut ornaments inspired by vintage tin cookie cutters. Ready to assemble and hang on a tree or a gift with bakers twine. At Little Paper Planes you can also find a terrific Gift Guide, just click here, I'm sure you will find a great present!

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Bastienne's beautiful Christmas tree Garlandes ...
If you prefer a simple Christmas, here are two very graphical ideas.
Make your cupboard a bit festive with this graphical garland of black & white Christmas trees.
Use any kind of wallpaper, cut out the trees and you’re ready.
Use the same mal and draw white trees on black paper to make a simple placemat.
 My motto for Christmas is … less decoration, but more candles & nice people together with honest & simply cooked food. Enjoy and happy holidays!

* * * Studio BAS_I.C.

* * * Bastienne van Bockel

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