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Guest Post by Maike Keuben....Liat Yaniv


Origamislove  Liat_newspaper-pile Colored-paper-doll-0251 Book

Guest Post by Maike Keuben from Orangefarmhouse

A little while ago I received a beautiful catalogue in the mail from paper worker Liat Yaniv (33). It made me so happy to see all those colorful creations. I was truly surprised that all of it was just made out of paper and glue. Can you believe that? It made me immediately crave to see and know more about this freelance artist and illustrator


From her home studio in her neighborhood Ramat-Gan, Israel, Liat gave me the answers I was looking for. It all started back in 1991 during the gulf war, Liat was 13 years old and very much afraid.

She found that the only thing that made her happy and calm was a pack of 30 colorful markers and an pile of A4 paper.


She found that drawing came naturally to her and took her mind to another world. She fell in love with that feeling and whenever she creates anything today she hopes to get to this other world again. Liat uses only color that was cut from the daily newspaper and a bit of glue. Unbelievable? We throw away art every day!


What I really like about Liat’s work is that it is colorful with a fresh and rough look. Her little secret made me smile again: Liat is so passionate about her work that her first paper doll Poombeta, a self-portrait, traveled with her all the way to Japan! You can see Liat Yaniv’s work online on her website or blog. And when you live in Israel you’re more than welcome to visit her home studio.


Thank You Maike Keuben from Orangefarmhouse, a fantatstic Dutch design blog you don't want to miss!

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Happy Gardening


*Guest post by Joelle Wehkamp

These little seed bags make me smile! It looks so much fun you really want to start with gardening right away. I found them on The Balcony Gardener site. Here you can find all kinds of products… from plants, window boxes to pots. There is everything you need to create your own green garden full of vegetables. And I can assure you, your own vegetables taste so wonderful.


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Salon Maison & Objet by Stephanie Rammeloo


A guest post today by Stephanie Rammeloo

End of January I (=Stephanie) visited Salon Maison & Objet in Paris. It is a big trade market with a lot of home design, where you can find the latest trends on interior fashion. A tiny part of the fair is Objets de Mode, with small boots for little design companies, like La Cerise sur le Gâteau, Zoe de las Cases, Miss Print and Numero 74 . The designs are all really personal and authentic. But, if you want a general trend, there's a lot of humour in it and a lot of colour.(right image by coco amardeil)

La Cerise sur le Gâteau makes home linen, like dish cloths and bed linen, but I like the pillow cases best. With which you can add a light, funny and colorful touch to your house.



Zoe de las Cases makes inventive, cute objects for your house. Like posters, bags and boxes with beautiful old family pictures printed on them, or a game with different scents. Her latest design is this stamp kit, which you can use to cheer up you paperwork. (Like contracts or bills, for instance.)


I loved the wall paper and fabric by Miss Print. The fabrics are all hand printed. The wall paper Dandelion, shown in this picture, is also available in yellow and grey.


Numero 74 from Italy restores (and sells) beautiful vintage children's furniture and also makes lovely soft hand knitted blankets and toys ...


While I tried to skip a few halls I got lost in the hall with all the big fabric producers. Luckily, because otherwise I would never have met the wonderful fabric designer Marie Riche of Lalie Design. Unfortunately her booth was too full to take a good picture of it, so she sent me and overview of some of her fabrics.


I also stumbled upon these wonderful, handprinted pillows by Geneviève Lévy édition.

Thank you Stephanie ... tomorrow another post by Stephanie about the trends she spotted at Maison et Objet.
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Special guest :: Astrid from Hei Astrid

I’ve had my eyes on Scandinavian Surface for a while and I’ve written about them on hei Astrid a couple of times, here and here. This is how they describe themselves: Scandinavian Surface specializes in developing "patterns for any surface". With professional background, skills and experience we are able to offer outstanding surface design and original solutions for products such as: fabrics, wallpaper, building facades, interior decoration details etc.
The WallPiece is a beautiful wall decoration that comes in a variety of patterns. Scandinavian Surface also makes a collection of placemats, trays, cards, cushions and bags. It’s all available in the webshop.

{THANK YOU Astrid, irene xx}

***post by Astrid from HeiAstrid 

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Special guest :: Astrid from Hei Astrid

{Bird from Circus Design}
Steinar Hindenes and Dave Vikøren are Circus Design. They are kind of the grand old men of the Bergen furniture design scene, and they have a lot a really great work to show for. If you read the press release mentioned in this post (link to post 1), you might recognize Dave’s name. I’ve been told that he’s a wonderful resource for the design students at KHiB. Bird is a new collection of chairs, sofas, tables. It’s a module seating system based on 3 different chair modules. Manufactured by Helland Møbler, design by Steinar Hindenes, Lars Tornøe and Atle Tveit.

***post by Astrid from HeiAstrid

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Special guest :: Astrid from Hei Astrid

Atle Tveit and Lars Tornøe are the design duo Tveit & Tornøe. You might recognise their names from the description of the Bird chair in my second post. These guys were students at KHiB and have had great success in very sort time. I did an interview with them in early April, and believe me; they have the coolest studio in town. The little sneak peek here doesn’t really do it justice.


Above two of Tveit & Tornøe gorgeous designs :: The Dots are giant hooks made of solid oak. The hooks come in sets of five, and make a pleasant addition to any wall. Manufacturer: Muuto. And the Copenhagen Chair is a low resting chair made of 3D-veneer and upholstery, with a steel base. It comes in a variety of veneers and fabrics. Manufacturer: Fora Form.

***post by Astrid from HeiAstrid

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